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Homework Help: Resistance-current characteristic

  1. Feb 8, 2012 #1
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    My question concerns resistance-current characteristic.

    The investigation was aimed at measuring current at different potential differences, before the filament lamp started to shine and when it was shining so as to observe both ohmic and non-ohmic behaviour. Also after calculating the resistance, the characterisitc
    between it and current was to be analyzed.
    Anyway, the ammeter, voltmeter, filament lamp, wires and clips were used.

    Hence, my question is arising, do you have any ideas (except internal resistances), what could cause occuring of some errors (systematic or random) and how it could be improved ?
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    If you go by V=IR then you could have uncertainties in the ammeter or in the resistance for the measurement of voltage. Or say you had I=V/R then you could have uncertainties in the voltmeter or resistance for that measurement. As you said, maybe it is really V=I(R1+R2). That's the whole name of the game, how could your measurement be wrong under different scenarios. It's hard for me to really know what to tell you because I wasn't there using the equipment.
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