Retake Undergraduate Course for Your Masters

In summary, the conversation discusses the possibility of using a previously taken undergraduate course in electrical engineering towards a master's degree. The speaker questions whether it is a good idea and suggests seeking advice from others who have taken the course or an advisor. They also mention the possibility of having to retake certain courses in their PhD program.
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So I took a course for electrical engineering as an undergraduate, I'm going to a different school for my masters in electrical engineering, I see as part of the curriculum a course that looks very familiar to a course I took in my undergrad.

Because I can't use the same course for more than one degree at different levels, in theory I can take this course, which I'm sure I have already taken as an undergrad, and have it count towards my masters

Should I? it should be an "easy A" since I've taken a course that covers the same topics in my undergrad
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One should hope that a master's level course would go more in-depth than the undergraduate level course. Is there any way to ask people, who have already taken it, what is involved. Or ask an advisor or the professor.

I guess there's nothing wrong with having a class or 2 where you don't have to work quite as hard to get a good grade.
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take the syllabus and all of your notes/tests etc to your new advisor. they'll either sign off on it an exempt you or make you take it again.
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I retook four undergrad physics courses during the first year of my PhD program at MIT: Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Statistical Mechanics. Easy As? Hardly. No one batted an eye.

1. What is the purpose of retaking undergraduate courses for a Masters degree?

Retaking undergraduate courses for a Masters degree allows students to refresh their knowledge and skills in a particular subject area, which can be beneficial for their future studies or career. It also shows a commitment to academic excellence and can help strengthen their application for a Masters program.

2. Can I retake any undergraduate course for my Masters degree?

Typically, you can retake any undergraduate course for your Masters degree as long as it is relevant to your field of study and approved by your academic advisor. However, some universities may have specific policies or restrictions on retaking courses, so it is best to check with your institution.

3. Will the retaken course replace my previous grade?

In most cases, the new grade earned for a retaken course will replace the previous grade. This means that the previous grade will not be included in your GPA calculation. However, the original grade may still appear on your transcript.

4. How many times can I retake an undergraduate course for my Masters?

This may vary depending on your university's policies, but usually, students are allowed to retake a course only once. If you do not pass the course after retaking it, you may need to seek approval from your academic advisor to retake it a third time.

5. Will retaking undergraduate courses affect my financial aid or scholarships?

Retaking undergraduate courses can potentially affect your financial aid or scholarships, as it may extend your program duration and result in additional costs. It is important to discuss this with your financial aid office and scholarship providers to understand how retaking courses may impact your funding.

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