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REU and Graduate School (Mat Sci)

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    Im looking for some advice. I have been accepted to REUs at Penn State, UPenn, and Notre Dame. I have been waitlisted at Northwestern and UC-Santa Barbara (all for Mat Sci/physics). My question is if doing an REU at a school helps in going to graduate school there. I am thinking about applying to grad school at all of these places. I have personal/ family reasons to go to Penn; but UCSB and Northwestern are ranked higher (lets just say that I get those two, hypothetically). I would just like to know if going to an REU at a school helps with getting into grad school.
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    I am probbably not the best person to comment on this, but i would say that if you manage to impress them during the REU there, then your chances for getting in that school's grad program would certainly be higher.
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    1. Do the REU at X University.
    2. Do good work and impress your PI.
    3. Get letter of recommendation from PI at X University.
    4. Apply to said university.
    5. Profit????
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