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REVTeX4, LaTeX (and MikTeX?) problem

  1. May 11, 2006 #1
    I'm having a problem with REVTeX4 and LaTeX. I have four figures in EPS format (although there may be some non-compliance with EPS specs). They are from different applications that claim to export EPS files.

    These figures sometimes display in the dvi or ps files and sometimes not. Depends on where they are in the file.
    If I put each figure in a separate .tex files (as \begin{figure}...), and
    then \include them, they all do display. If I \input them, they do not.

    If I use \input, LaTeX2e picks up the figure \labels and uses them in \ref callouts, but if I use \include, the references are not defined. I looked at the aux files, and when using \include, the label info is not there. \protect does not help.

    The LaTeX handbook is no help -- it does not say that \label in included files are ignored.

    I'm using REVTeX4 and MiKTeX on Win x64, with GSView for x64 (and WinShell as an editor).

    Any thoughts?
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