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RF/Microwave Eng Graduate Schools

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    RF/Microwave: Grad Schools

    What are some good electrical engineering graduate schools in the U.S. that are doing some good RF/microwave research?

    In a previous post, las3rjock told me about three graduate schools that he thought were good at microwave engineering: MIT, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    Do you guys know of any others?
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    University of Maryland, UCLA, USC, UC-Berkeley, Indiana U. Look for a school that actually has a strong program in accelerator physics as well. So this could also mean a school that isn't that well-known as the "brand name schools" that is actually close to major accelerator facility. Look, for example, at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Northern Illinois University, University of Tennessee, etc.

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    Those look like some good schools from what I got from their website. I am not sure what Berkeley is doing over there though. Look at the following post about Berkeley:

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    Bradley University in Illinois has excellent Rf/microwave program.
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    Any others?
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