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Right after the bigbang, microblackholes were formed

  1. Sep 14, 2008 #1
    i read somewhere that right after the bigbang, microblackholes were formed which later vaporised. is it true? how can they simply have vaporised?
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    Re: microblackholes

    Don't they theorize that the new Hadron Collider will produce tiny black holes that will evaporate in nano seconds?? (No, I'm not talking about the earth-devouring ones that people are scared of...those come later, lol)
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    Re: microblackholes

    Scientists, mad or otherwise, should never do anything that is going to rip the fabric of space-time. Those kinds of things frequently expose you to higher dimensional monsters and never end well. It's all covered in the Mad Scientist's Handbook. Maybe they should read it at CERN.
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    Re: microblackholes

    Some people think so. I seem to recall that if itty bitty black holes are created, this would demonstrate that there are probably more than 4 dimensions and the string theorists will get really really excited and probably drunk. If black holes don't show up, it doesn't mean much of anything, and life goes on as usual, with a few less drunken string theorists.
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    Re: microblackholes

    Er.... "frequently"? Like when? When was the last time you saw this "rip the fabric of space-time" happening?

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    Re: microblackholes

    i saw it happen on TV once. involved someone named Q.
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