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RIP Author and Novelist Pat Conroy

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    Novelist Pat Conroy, who announced last month that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, has died, according to a statement from his publisher. Conroy was 70.


    He wrote 'Prince of Tides' and 'The Great Santini', both of which were made into movies.

    I listened to several interviews that he had given earlier. Quite a history. He has fond memories of his mother reading to him a bedtime, and had sad memories of his father. He often read because he knew when he was reading, his father wouldn't hit him.

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    Quite an author! Thanks Astro!
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    Fresh Air - Remembering 'Great Santini' Author Pat Conroy

    I heard part of the interview with Terry Gross this afternoon. Conroy's father had big problems that lead to abuse of his wife and children. The 'The Great Santini' is based on Pat Conroy's father and Conroy's childhood.


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