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News RIP Chester Bennington of Linkin Park

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    I am very shocked to hear that lead singer of Linkin Park had commited suicide on Thursday. I used to listen to them alot back when they released their third album, Minutes to Midnight, in 2006-07.
    They are one of my most favorite bands and Chester in my opinion was a very versatile singer.
    I think the most shocking part in his suicide was that, to best of my knowledge, he was neither involved in drugs or alcohol addiction nor in any kind of legal issues.

    What do you guys think ? Any Linkin Park ?
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    Me. I used to listen to Linkin Park, back when I was in middle school. Hybrid Theory and Meteora was my favorite. Kinda lost track of it after Minutes to Midnight, especially when I started getting into more "heavier" heavy metal.

    There is no doubt, however, that Linkin Park is special to me. It probably made me who I am right now, and that was crucially important to me because of how oppressive my parents were with me. Any music they don't like, I shall not like. Any hobbies they don't tolerate, I shall not do. Getting into Linkin Park really started making me a different person from my family and caused me to be on bad terms with them for couple of years. But it was a good start for me in departure from childhood, as I became more responsible with myself and a free man, by simply being more free. I really need to thank Linkin Park for that.

    And now I hear the news that Chester is gone. I know of his difficult childhood, and I knew more or less that this was meant to happen one way or another. I was actually not too surprised to hear the news, although I am indeed very sorry to hear it. However, even if he is gone, he will be remembered by thousands and millions of fans out there who, like me, genuinely recognizes him of his accomplishments.

    RIP Chester.
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    Hybrid Theory came out when I was in high school and I liked it very much. I thought Meteora was a strange followup when I first heard it, but after listening to the album a time or two it really grew on me and is near the top of my favorite albums list.
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    I see that you are 33 from your profile so I see that it was around that time. Actually, by the time I heard Linkin Park, Meteora was already out. And I agree Meteora and Hybrid Theory had the similar style but a different tone. Hybrid Theory had more heavier tone with stronger distortion while Meteora made a slight shift toward pop-rock/punk. Maximum deviations between "quieter" songs and "loud" songs were much smaller for Hybrid Theory than for Meteora. So the two albums had quite a different feel. Both were great in their own ways, which was what I liked.

    In my personal opinion, M2M was a little too different from what I know of them for, especially when I was transitioning toward heavier heavy metal. That's when I kinda stopped listening to LP.
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    I don't think his childhood was the main factor in his death because things about his childhood is been out since Meteora and he must have got a lot of support to move on from that. Some says he committed suicide because Friday was the birthday of Chris Cornell, he close friend who committed suicide two months ago, and maybe Chester swayed ago by sudden burst of emotions. But it is hard to believe that someone who suffered and survived so much in childhood will be so broken by death of a friend that he will commit suicide. I think it is safe to say that we may never know what was happening inside Chester's head.

    Also last month one of my friend committed suicide. Before his death I was thought that suicide were pretty rare and I will never see one in my lifetime. Hence Chester's death came a bit more of shock to me than to others.

    I like that slow and still powerful tracks of MTM and their next album, ATS, but yes many if not all of my favorite LP songs are from Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
    I have listened to Living Things and The Hunting Party and they are not bad albums but nothing close to their first two albums. Their latest album, One More Light, still have strong and good lyrics but it was a deal breaker for me, it was the only album that I did not purchase till Chester's death.

    Enough of rambling, sorry. I just hope that Linkin Park will come out strong out of this and will still make music like they did before Chester joined. Linkin Park have defined and shaped childhood and teenage years of many fans out there, they still do that with their ever changing musical style. I hope they will continue it ...
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