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News Romney Expanding the Battleground

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    Romney Expanding the "Battleground"

    Presidential campaigning had been completely and eerily absent in Pennsylvania this season, but Romney is changing that. Campaign advertisements started yesterday (that I noticed) and he'll be campaigning in Philadelphia on Sunday. Obama has responded by also ordering TV time in PA.


    What is not clear, of course, is if Romney is campaigning in PA because he thinks PA is in play or if he just wants to give the appearance that he thinks PA is in play, trying to wag the dog to stir-up national momentum.
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    Re: Romney Expanding the "Battleground"

    With knowing the details on the issues considered decisive in Pa, there could be any number of political games ongoing. One thought: threaten Pa in order to pull Obama out of last minute campaigning in Ohio.
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    Re: Romney Expanding the "Battleground"

    The latter. McCain tried a similar gambit in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is just ever-so-infinitesimally to the left of being a truly winnable state, and every election it seems as though the Republicans can't resist trying to flip it. It hasn't happened yet, and it's not about to. And frankly, if it's going badly enough for Obama to lose Pennsylvania, then he's already lost the election elsewhere. I see this as nothing more than a Rove-esque, campaign-in-California moment for Romney.
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    Re: Romney Expanding the "Battleground"

    Really. Who gives a **** why Romney or Obama is doing anything in their campaigns? Isn't it supposed to be about voting your conscience? Well, who knows what the heck Romney stands for other than some weird religious cult and the rich? And who knows what Obama might say and do other than? They're both tools, posers. Vote for either, waste your vote, degrade your freedom, endorse the status quo. Just my humble opinion.
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    Re: Romney Expanding the "Battleground"

    I've no idea what color state PA is, but I suppose if it got one of the "faithful" to mention his name again on an Internet forum, it served some purpose :smile:
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    Re: Romney Expanding the "Battleground"

    The polling firm that did that poll put out a press release explaining their "methodology". Pretty much they weigh their surveys according to a partisan makeup something similar to 2010. This in itself is terrible methodology because midterm elections are sorta the Republicans' specialty. I'd bet my right arm, quite literally, that Obama wins Pennsylvania.
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