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Homework Help: Root 2 irrationality proof (geometric)

  1. Sep 29, 2013 #1
    I was looking over this proof and I have some questions:


    Second paragraph, what does "swinging a b-leg to the hypotunese" mean? Also, where did the arc come from, I really don't understand

    also, the last part ## \dfrac{2b-a}{a-b} ## how does this lead to a contradiction (i.e. how is 2b-a and a-b smaller than a and b?

    really don't understand the proof overall, if someone could walk me through it or give me some pointers it'd really help thank you
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    hi phospho! :smile:
    it's a really stupid way of saying "draw an arc of a circle of radius b from R to the hypotenuse" :redface:
    2b - a = b + (b -a), which is obviously < b :wink:

    (and a - b < a)
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