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Homework Help: Rotational Motion Force Question

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    hello all, I'm studying from my midterm and having some trouble figuring out the question below..thanks for the help

    A uniform ladder of length L and mass m1 rests against a frictionless wall. the ladder makes an angle "theta" with the horizontal.

    a) find horizontal and vertical forces the ground exerts on the base of the ladder when a firefighter of mass m2 is a distance x from the bottom.

    b) if the ladder is just on the verge of slipping when the firefighter is a distance d from the bottom, what is the coefficient of static friction between ladder and ground?
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    where are you stuck at? You should draw a free body diagram first.
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    Perhaps your problem is thinking that this has anything to do with rotational motion! As Oerg suggested, draw a "free body diagram" and then calculate the horizontal and vertical components of force at the top and bottom of the ladder.
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