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Rovelli history of science and some QG stuff at his site

it is good to know about the history of science (truism---everybody agrees I think)
for one thing it nourishes your skepticism because because you see in concrete detail how scientists have been on the wrong track so much of the time

and it is inspiring too

interestingly, Rovelli is also qualified as a historian of science (a second specialty besides theoretical physics) and I think it helps him see more clearly the QG issues and recognize where work on the foundations is needed

accordingly he is teaching a History of Science course at Marseille
and one of the references is Arthur Koestler chapter on Kepler in "The Sleepwalkers". Kepler is a fascinating transition figure. part of Rovelli's course is a section on Kepler called "how to get from a witch mother to a scientist son"

the outline and reading for this course is online here

I check Rovelli's site from time to time because occasionally there is something new. Today I saw the history of science course, which looks like fun, and I also saw a link to the QG GROUP at cpt Luminy

this gives the names of the masters, PhD students, and postdocs in the QG "équipe", and shows what it looks like when physicsists climb on the tile roofs of Marseille

last time I checked the site I found this very good introduction to Loop Gravity----59 slides of a lecture given in Lyon
it is the most up-to-date thing of its kind: remarkably clear and concise
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