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Runing multiple instances of Ansys Mechanical at the same time

  1. Oct 25, 2014 #1
    Hello experts,

    Is it possible to run several instances of Ansys Mechanical in Windows or Linux in parallel? How?

    I need to dramatically speed up the solution of a large list of Ansys Mechanical jobs, typically more than 50000. Such analyses are performed by some script that runs each job in batch mode.

    First, I tried to vary the number of processors from 1 to 4 with the "-np" option but the acceleration was very small, i.e. 10-20% only. This probably is caused by the small size of my system, typical execution time per job is between 1 and 10 seconds.

    Second, as a workaround, I tried to split up the job list in two and run each part in different terminals, but unfortunately Ansys crashes.

    This was the command I used in this test under Windows, is it ok?
    #> "<MY_ANSYS_PATH>\ansys145.exe" -p ansys -dir <MY_WORK_DIRECTORY> -j [JOB_NAME] -s noread -l en-us -b nolist -np 2 -i <INPUT_FILE> -o <OUTPUT_FILE>

    Third, I also tried to run two different jobs at the same time in different terminals that used a different working directory. Unforutnately one of them crashes first (windows alerts that Ansys stopped working) while the other finishes normally later. Note that to avoid Ansys-lock-related problems I set the Ansys´ environment variable ANSYS_LOCK to OFF (Ansys manual says that by default ANSYS_LOCK is ON "to create file locks that prevent users from opening a new job with the same name and in the same directory as the current job").

    These were the new windows commands tested:

    On_Terminal_1#> "<MY_ANSYS_PATH>\ANSYS145.exe" -p ansys -dir "<WORK_DIR_A>" -j job_A -s noread -l en-us -b nolist -np 1 -m 512 -db 256 -i my_job_A.txt -o my_job_A.out

    On_Terminal_2#> "<MY_ANSYS_PATH>\ANSYS145.exe" -p ansys -dir "<WORK_DIR_B>" -j job_B -s noread -l en-us -b nolist -np 1 -m 512 -db 256 -i my_job_B.txt -o my_job_B.out

    Any suggestion? I really don´t know what to do next... Thanks!
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    You can launch N runs with N licences in N different directories. Please show the content of your .err file for the third test.

    Let me know if it's usefull.
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    Very useful! Now I can run several instances of Ansys Mechanical at the same time and obtain the expected speed up!!!

    Your indication highlighted the problem: both input files used the same working directory. The following ansys command overrode the "-dir" option of the input command at some point and caused the input/output error:


    Thanks a lot for your excellent help!

    PS: Here is a record of the log and error files that lead to the solution of the problem to facilitate other users to solve their problems.

    While the job_A.err file was ok, the job_B.err indicated some Input/output error:

    /COM,ANSYS RELEASE 14.5 UP20120918 21:39:14 10/25/2014
    0***** process error reported by subroutine xdslor see xdslor abstract (ier = -202)
    *** ERROR *** CP = 3.666 TIME= 21:39:21
    Input/output error on unit = 20. Please check to see if the disk is full.

    After checking that my disk is not full, I checked the output files. The first one (my_job_A.out) was OK, including the requested buckling factors. However, the second (my_job_B.out) had i/o errors after finishing static and buckling analyses. When I checked

    1) After the static analysis:

    23.500 MB WRITTEN ON ELEMENT MATRIX FILE: buckling.emat
    5.938 MB WRITTEN ON ELEMENT SAVED DATA FILE: buckling.esav
    4.875 MB WRITTEN ON ASSEMBLED MATRIX FILE: buckling.full
    5.938 MB WRITTEN ON RESULTS FILE: buckling.rst

    *** error while closing file. *** subroutine hdsan1 encountered
    i/o error on i/o file no. = 20, 25, 9, 11, 31, 32, 22
    ***** ROUTINE COMPLETED ***** CP = 3.229

    2) After the buckilng analysis:

    ********** CURRENT DISK AND DIRECTORY USAGE **********
    Directory C:<SOME_DIRECTORY_NAME>\test\ansys1

    25/10/2014 21:39 <DIR> .
    25/10/2014 21:39 <DIR> ..
    25/10/2014 21:39 2.191 buckling.BCS
    25/10/2014 21:37 9.371.648 buckling.db
    25/10/2014 21:39 24.641.536 buckling.emat
    25/10/2014 21:39 6.225.920 buckling.esav
    25/10/2014 21:39 9.502.720 buckling.full
    25/10/2014 21:39 16.515.072 buckling.LN07
    25/10/2014 21:39 0 buckling.LN09
    25/10/2014 21:39 2.359.296 buckling.LN11
    25/10/2014 21:39 0 buckling.LN20
    25/10/2014 21:39 1.286.336 buckling.LN21
    25/10/2014 21:39 0 buckling.LN22
    25/10/2014 21:39 1.856.648 buckling.LN25
    25/10/2014 21:39 1.856.648 buckling.LN28
    25/10/2014 21:39 0 buckling.LN31
    25/10/2014 21:39 0 buckling.LN32
    25/10/2014 21:39 732 buckling.mntr
    25/10/2014 21:37 2.883.584 buckling.mode
    25/10/2014 21:39 0 buckling.rst
    25/10/2014 21:39 151 buckling.stat
    25/10/2014 21:36 136 job_a.err
    25/10/2014 21:36 292 job_a.log
    21 files 76.502.910 bytes
    2 dirs 402.278.866.944 bytes free

    *** ERROR *** CP = 3.666 TIME= 21:39:21
    Input/output error on unit = 20. Please check to see if the disk is
    *** error while closing file. *** subroutine hdsan1 encountered
    i/o error on i/o file no. = 20, 21, 22, 25, 28, 7, 9, 11, 31, 32
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