What is Batch: Definition and 37 Discussions

Computerized batch processing is the running of "jobs that can run without end user interaction, or can be scheduled to run as resources permit."

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  1. ravindrar

    I Vacuum Drying Vegetables w/ IR Heaters: Investigating Increased Batch Time

    I am working on a project on vacuum drying vegetables using IR heaters. Before winter batch time was around 3 to 4 hours now it has increased to 6 hours. Any logic behind this as though the temperature drops and RH also drop so why has the time increased?
  2. BiGyElLoWhAt

    How to store ping results into an array or variable using a batch file

    I don't know much about batch, but what I want is to execute a command such as ping google.com -n 200 and store all 200 ping latency results to a variable. The default results (avg max min %lost) isn't enough for me to tell if I can do what I need to do. I would like to calculate the average...
  3. Ygggdrasil

    How can I use AWK to batch rename files in Unix?

    I'd like to rename a bunch of files in a directory based on data from a tab-delimited text file. I know how to do this in R: dir <- "~/user/folder/" fileNames <- read.table(paste0(dir,"fileNames.txt"),sep="\t",header=T) for (i in c(1:nrow(fileNames))){ oriFile <-...
  4. C

    Batch file that will open a media player at a specific time

    I have an acquaintance who's building houses for Purple Martins. He has audio he wants to play between 4AM and 8 AM local time that's supposed to be a dawn song for the birds. He's seeking a way to automatically play this audio on loop. I'm sure there are a million easier ways to do this, but my...
  5. S

    Statistics - Batch AQL? (Acceptance Quality limit) HNC

    Hi All, Currently on a distance learning HNC and I am not quite sure whether the question just wants me to answer 'yes' or give mathematical evidence. Part A answered, Part B not sure... Any help would be great! 2. The process for the production of an electrical device is suitable for...
  6. herbertpbarreto

    Chemical Reaction Engineering homework

    Homework Statement The decomposition of phosphine 4PH3(g) + P4(g) + 6H2(g) is first-order with respect to phosphine with a rate constant k = 0.0155 s-l at 953 K. If the decomposition occurs in a constant-volume batch reactor at 953 K, calculate, for 40% conversion of PH3, (a) the time...
  7. Vigardo

    Convergence problems in ANSYS batch mode but not in GUI

    Dear experts, I´m performing a non-linear buckling analysis under ANSYS Mechanical APDL (v14.5) using an input file that processes the last converged step to generate some etable output. When run in GUI everything goes fine: the non-linear buckling analysis is performed until it becomes...
  8. C

    What is the equilibrium conversion for a reversible reaction in a batch reactor?

    I am struggling with the following problem: A reversible reaction where: CH3COOH + H2O--><--CH3COO- + H3O+ The overall solution initially has a CH3COOH concentration of 0.01mol/L and no acetate. The solution has 0.001mol/L of H3O+. Assume that this is constant throughout the experiment...
  9. M

    Reaction Kinetics, batch reactor varying volume

    NO TEMPLATE BECAUSE THREAD WAS ORIGINALLY ENTERED INTO WRONG FORUM Hi Guys, I have attached the question that I am struggling with (part b of the question) I have worked out that the conversion of A is X=0.21 Using this conversion I'm trying to work out the time required for the reaction I...
  10. L

    Probability: batch of 3 chips

    Homework Statement A bowl contains 3 red, 4 green, and 5 blue chips. A batch of 3 chips is withdrawn at random. What is the probability the batch contains only one color? What is the probability the batch contains exactly two colors? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution P(all red) =...
  11. N

    How to control any software using batch?

    Dear Forum, I am trying to run a random software (such as skype), there is easy to run by mouse and click on the icon on the desktop. Now, I am trying to take advance by using CMD (command prompt). I am going to type some basic command to make skype run, but I do not know how to go into any...
  12. N

    How to create batch file to shutdown computer?

    Dear Group, I would like to ask a question regarding to the batch file, I am trying to create a batch file which could help to to shutdown to computer quickly, but when i run batch file, the command window showed up and keep running too many line but did not shut down the computer. But when...
  13. H

    Sequencing batch reactor vs anaerobic sequencing batch reactor

    Im doing a project about Anaerobic SBR and would like a few thoughts from anyone. Was anaerobic SBR is the evolutionary of the SBR ?
  14. Vigardo

    Runing multiple instances of Ansys Mechanical at the same time

    Hello experts, Is it possible to run several instances of Ansys Mechanical in Windows or Linux in parallel? How? I need to dramatically speed up the solution of a large list of Ansys Mechanical jobs, typically more than 50000. Such analyses are performed by some script that runs each job in...
  15. gfd43tg

    Equilibrium conversion of batch vs. flow reactor

    Hello, I went through a problem in my reaction engineering textbook, and solved them correctly by basically mindlessly plugging into the equation, but now I wanted to get some help interpreting the results. So we had a reversible, elementary gas phase reaction that is isothermal and isobaric...
  16. M

    Analyzing Batch Volatility and Predicting Future Results

    I have a set of results over time that show the volatility of a batch and trying to determine state at the latter end of the process whether a batch is stronger or getting weaker? B4 has outperformed all other batches and showing an increase in latter results which means it is slowing or...
  17. S

    Least number of trials to find a can with bad food out of a batch.

    hi everyone . i came across this interesting problem but am not able to figure it out . In a factory that packs food in cans , there is a report that in a particular batch of 400 cans by error a poisonous chemical has been packed instead of food item. Checking 400 cans would be a big loss but...
  18. P

    Time Reduction for Batch transfer by using a pump

    Refer to the attached image Overview The feed to V12 comes from distillation unit, where batch production rate is 16 Ton/day and at 220 degC. At first it is cooled to 160 degC in V12. Now this bulk is transferred from V12 to V18 using N2 gas pressure. All the transfer lines are jacketed...
  19. W

    Mathematical model of continuous and batch (discrete) system combined

    I'm having difficulties trying to establish the best approach to create a mathematical model of a process that has a combined continuous and discrete (batch) element to it. I explain as follows: The system is a hopper (vessel), open to atmosphere, with dry granular material being fed in by...
  20. A

    Making a file using Batch Files

    How do i create a .txt file using a batch file with something written on it. For example, i want to write this:- i>>n; i<<n; a b c... It has multiple lines and '>', so echo (text) >> test.txt doesn't work. Is there a better way?
  21. M

    Stochastic processes: infinite server queue with batch poisson arrivals

    Hi everyone, I am trying to solve this problem but I am stuck with doubts. Here are my ideas. Homework Statement Busloads of customers arrive at an infinite server queue at a Poisson rate λ Let G denote the service distribution. A bus contains j customers with probability aj = 1...
  22. A

    How Does Bank Store Data in Batch Processing?

    Can anyone tell me how does the bank store data in the system of batch processing?
  23. D

    Batch file directory of files in folder

    Hello all. I am far from a programmer, but have found a lot of use out of a batch file that I found. The file is as follows: dir /s*.*>dirlist.txt This file, typed into a notepad file, then saved as a .bat file has worked perfectly on my XP system. I tried to use in in W7, and it just...
  24. B

    A batch converter from .fits to .txt.

    I am looking to convert a few thousand .fits files to .txt, I have used fv viewer. This however can only convert one at a time, does anyone know of a batch converter for .fits to .txt. Thank you in advance for your help.
  25. O

    How to construct batch or macro in Win OS

    In a windows (98,XP,VISTA) OS, is there a simple procedure to create a macro to rename files by adding a string of character(s) at the beginning (or end) of each existing filename within a folder? I often run into repetitive tasks on my computer(s), for example; renaming files within a folder...
  26. C

    My last kinematics batch (conceptuals)

    Homework Statement 1. Two bodies are falling with negligible air resistance, side by side, above a horizontal plane. If one of the bodies is given an additional horizontal acceleration during its descent, it: a) strikes the plane at the same time as the other body b) strikes the plane...
  27. I

    MATLAB Easy: importing a batch of data into MATLAB

    I've been going crazy trying to figure this out- I'm not seeing it in the documentation. I have a few hundred files named "data*" where * goes from 000 to 300. The file type is really just a text file without any real type- they aren't .txt. Is there a way to 'batch' import all of them without...
  28. G

    Writing a Batch File for MS-DOS Serial Port Communication

    Hello Can anyone help me please, I want to write a batch file in MS-DOS to: Communicate with the serial port, send data to the serial port from a specified file and for a respond to come back from the driver that first command being done and now ready for next line of data to be send it...
  29. M

    Constant volume versus constant pressure batch reactor

    Homework Statement Consider the following two well-mixed, isothermal batch reactors for the elementary and irreversible decomposition of A to B, A\stackrel{k}{\rightarrow}2B reactor1: The reactor volume is constant (Pressure is variable) reactor2: The reactor pressure is constant (Volume is...
  30. M

    Constant Volume and Constant Pressure Batch Reactor

    Homework Statement Consider the following two well-mixed, isothermal batch reactors for the elementary and irreversible decomposition of A to B, A\stackrel{k}{\rightarrow}2B reactor1: The reactor volume is constant (Pressure is variable) reactor2: The reactor pressure is constant (Volume is...
  31. P

    Diffusion of particles in batch reactors

    Hello everybody, I don't know if this is the right place to post this question. Sorry for that. I have the following system: small particles (I don't know exactly the composition) in a batch stilled tank reactor in which i add some hydrochloric acid. How I evaluate the concentration of...
  32. M

    MATLAB Run Dos Program from MATLAB on Leopard & Windows XP

    I am running MATLAB on Leopard, i need to run a dos program via MATLAB script file. I also have windows xp running with parallel desktop. my m file is in the same directory as the dos program, on my virtual xp drive. i have tried using commands such as system and dos.. but to no avail...
  33. A

    Batch Distillation: Packing vs Plates for Reboiler of 250 Litres

    I need to know a few things. I am doing my internship and have been given a problem with very limited information. I have to decide whether to use packing or plates. The tower is to be used for several different mixtures. So everytime it has to be washed completely, whenever a new separation is...
  34. A

    My network directory file synch batch file thing

    My network directory file synch batch file thing :) Hey guys I had been looking for a nice cheap easy to use program to sync two of my mp3 directories. This is what I did: Here is my setup: My HTPC .mp3 drive is mapped to my laptops' E drive. I always download my songs onto my computer...
  35. J

    Create a Batch File to Close/Launch/Reopen Programs

    i don't know if this is even the right forum but i am trying to right a batch file which will close certain running programs, launch a game, and upon exit of the game, run the programs that were closed. i know how to close a prog and open the game, but i don't know how to run the progs when the...
  36. S

    Creating Batch Files for Automated Drag and Drop Process

    hi ladies and gents! this is my first post so excuse any stupidity on my part! Basically I'm trying to create batch files but i have no programming experience in DOS. Fortunately I am only trying to achieve a simple goal. I effectively want to automize a kind of 'drag and drop' procedure...
  37. P

    Creating Batch Files to Automate DVI-PDF File Creation

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a batch file to help automate me creating dvi and pdf files from tex files. I'm in a windows xp environment. I have set up a batch file that asks the user whether they want to create a pdf file or a dvi file for output and then opens the command line editor...