RUnning Solidworks2009 on Windows 7?

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Is anyone running Soliodworks 2009 on windows 7?

I can't reinstall mine after i put windows 7 on, it just stops the installation batr and tells me to try again another time. Ihave never paid maintenance on my lisence, so will have to sort it myself.

Anyone experienced problems?


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Have you tried running the installer in Windows XP compatibility mode? Also, make sure you run the installer with administrative privileges. That should sort out your issue.

EDIT- You might also check the Solidworks support forums, some other people might be having your problem. I'm pretty sure running the program as an administrator in XP compatibility mode will fix it though.
Ok cheers, i will give it a whirl


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So it occurs to me that SolidWorks 2009 is designed to be able to run on Windows Vista, which means running the installer in XP compatability mode is probably not necessary. My guess is you were running the installer with limited privelages, and it failed when it tried to write to the registry or something. By running the installer as an admin (Right click on the installer and select "Run as Administrator") you should fix your problem.
Thanks Mech Engineer, i didnbt have any joy with the XP mode, but will try the Admin thing tonight and let you know.

Thanks again

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