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Salt bridge

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    Without the salt bridge then there is no flow of charge and there are no electrons flowing in the external circuit.?HOW?i know function of salt bridge is only to maintain neutrality i.e if salt bridge is not there there will be accumulation of positive charge in one half cell and negative charge in another half cell and this will prevent further flow of electron but till the +ive and -ive charges are not accumulated ,AS IT TAKES TIME electrons will flow SO THERE WILL BE FLOW OF ELECTRON EVEN WITHOUT SALT BRIDGE TO SOME EXTENT i.e UNTIL CHARGES DO NOT START ACCUMULATION RIGHT?
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    No need to scream. Is this a homework problem?
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    i am not screaming at all i just wanted to emphasize it's importance.obviously it is not my homework problem it is conceptual doubt.
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    Why do you think it should be obvious to anyone but you that this is not a homework problem?

    When you bold a word or two here and there, it's emphasis. When you bold whole sentences, it's screaming.
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    Try to estimate how fast the charge accumulates. Try to calculate how fast the potential changes with charge accumulation (simplest way to do so would be to assume your system is just a capacitor). Try to calculate what forces are involved for accumulated charges.
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    sorry i also think it is not obvious that this is not a homework problem.
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