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Saturn's hexagon and his accretion disk jets

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    Hi! What do you know about Saturn's Nord Pole hexagon?

    Is sure than the Saturn's hexagon is owed to nothing else but his convection. Then we ask ourselves what fact makes the convection from the Saturn's North Pole.

    There are two possibilities:
    1). the convection is due to a temperature gradient on the North Pole's surface.
    2). the convection is due to a flux of substance which arises from Saturn's depth.

    I believe in the second possibility: a jet of substance arises from Saturn's depth, along its axes of rotation!

    The necessity for the existence of this jet is derived from the following facts:
    - a rotating viscid mass can't allow to any of the jets making a straight movement that would try to cross it;
    - on a rotating cylinder the geodesics is the helixes, and a fluid that tends to cross such a viscid mass will choose the shortest road between two points on the cylinder;
    - the helix's torsion will depend on the angle made by the jet's speed with the mass's rotation;
    - for ”jet” from Saturn's rings, as for the accretion jet, the torsion tends to zero;
    - thence, the existence of Saturn's rings implies the existence of the accretion jet, too!!!!

    What do you think about this?
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