Scattering force in optical trapping

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    reading about the theoretical background of optical trapping. I was wondering how the scattering force originates. Often it is written, that the scattering force is due to reflection, but also the central rays refracted by a dielectric object should contribute ? So the scattering force is due to specular reflection of the incoming rays and refraction of the central rays ?
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    thanks a lot! now I think:

    in the ray optics regime:

    The net force exerted on a microsphere by one ray is calculated considering the contribution of forces due to reflection and due to refraction, (depending on the incident angle of the ray).

    The net force can be decomposed into scattering (defined as parallel to the incident ray) and the gradient force (defined as perpendicular to the incident ray).

    A ray of large incident angles (with respect to the optical axis) has a higher ratio of gradient force/scattering force.

    hope it`s not that wrong ?
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    Close enough, I'd say.
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