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Homework Help: Scattering Vs Absorption Crossection

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    What is the difference between Scattering Crossection and Absorption Crossection in nuclear reaction crossection?

    Please help me for one numerical problem;

    "Arsenic [tex]As^{33}_{75}[/tex] has an absorption cross section for thermal neutrons of 4.1 b and a scattering cross section of 6 b, its density is 5.73 gm per cm cube. A beam of thermal neutrons is passed through a slab of arsenic 2 cm thick. By what fraction is the intensity of the beam reduced? [Avogadro Constant=6.023 x 10[tex]^{23}[/tex] mole[tex]^{-1}[/tex] and 1 b=10[tex]^{-24}[/tex] sq cm.]"
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    crossection is the probability for an even to occur, the event can be inelastic scattering, elastic scattering, absorption, etc.

    So it is just a measurment of the probability for an event, the larger crossection - the more likley. The units of crossection is area.

    Now this a HW-related problem, and I encourage you to google/ search your book, for the experimental definition of crossection, and then give it a try yourself, then we will help you.
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