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Scholarships/Grants for Math Grad Students

  1. Mar 16, 2012 #1
    Does anyone know of a good resource for getting scholarship (or any funding) for math grad students? I will begin a MS program in the fall, and I would like to get as much funding as possible (if I get any from the school, it won't be much.) If this makes a difference, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. after the MS (well, actually, probably I'll just transition directly into the Ph.D. program at my current school.)

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    Do you mind saying what university you are going to? I will be in your position very soon. My advisor said I would probably get free tuition for my master's. Did you receive any offers like that? He also said a lot of the time you can earn money form the university by teaching a lower level class, like college algebra. Have you looked into that?
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    What country?
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    Georgia Tech.

    I feel confident that I will get some sort of support (given that this is also where I am doing my undergrad, the grad adviser said, among MS students, I was given more preference wrt support.) I think that I will probably get a tuition waiver at the very least. If I can't get support, then I will be able to TA (just leading recitation sessions and grading) and make a *small* amount of money. We don't have any "low-level" classes at Tech, unfortunately (I think that we have a Pre-calc class, but a Ph.D. candidate gets to teach that.) The problem is that I have been working full-time since I started college and I'd really like to cut back work to at most 15-20 hours a week at my current job. (Ideally, I'd like it to be 0.)
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    Thanks for sharing that information, that's encouraging. Sorry I don't have any information for you about scholarships or anything.
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