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School and Classes Recommendations

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to get into college and I'd like to get a degree in physics.

    I'm looking at taking some online classes and getting an associates degree through some offcampus courses. I work freelance but I'm not sure what school I physically want to go to yet. I thought I'd take time out to work on the associates degree to get basic math and other courses out of the way before I try to pick a school.

    My question is, could anyone recommend an online school or degree goal for an associates degree I can aim that would be helpful? Most of the online schools want you to take psychology or business courses. I want something in at least science. Any tips? (I'm browsing the forums but I don't see this particular question asked yet. )

    I wouldn't mind doing the whole physics degree from my apartment, at least up to a Masters. This might be hard to pull off but I just wonder if it's possible.
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    Many online schools don't offer much in the way of science because introductory science classes require you attend labs, and you can't do that online (well, some schools claim you can, but those 'labs' usually won't transfer as lab credits). You'd be much better off starting at a local community college - many online schools are simply for-profit with dubious accreditation. Community colleges are cheaper, better, and the credits will transfer.
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