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Schroeder: Intro to thermal physics, Diff. between editions?

  1. Dec 18, 2014 #1

    I'm facing a slight problem with getting a good version of the Schroeder: Introduction to thermal physics.

    According to my lecturer the newest 2013 international edition by Pearson (ISBN: 9781292026213) is not recommended, as it lacks some aspects. And anyway the course is built around the older version, which would be the 2004 Pearson edition (ISBN: 9780321277794).

    The annoying thing is, that the 2004 Pearson edition seems to be out-of-print and out-of-stock. Not exactly surprising as it is from the same publisher. But the "original" hardcover US version from 1999 by Addison Wesley (ISBN: 9780201380279) is available in many places.

    Now, after that word-regurgitation, to the actual question: What kind of difference is there between the 1999 Addison Wesley, and the 2004 Pearson editions? Is it essentially the same book only inteded for the different markets, or does the 2004 edition vary from the 1999 one?

    I realise that amount of people in posession of both of the books is extremely limited, but in case someone here is, I would highly appreciate any guidance.

    EDIT: The google books link for the 2004 edition seems to have wrong information, or at least different than what I have (wrong year and publisher). But the cover pictures are correct in all.
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    OK, so based on the link above (thanks to robphy!), and yet more googling, I starting to come to the conclusion that there are only 2 versions of this book:
    The older ones which are all the same in content, and the newer 2013 International Edition which is indeed inferior. If I got correct information, the newer International Edition is scraped down because of some Supreme Court ruling that US customers may purchase International Editions legally also, and then as they are cheper(?) the publisher decided to make the Internatiol edition worse to keep people buying the original hardcover version.

    Only thing's that I tend to be rather sceptical of the hearsay info on the web, though the info provided by robphy is from credible source, so I'm starting to be confident that the 1999 and 2004 editions are indeed identical in content. If someone has more information (or can confirm) about what I said above on the 2013 edition, please share!
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