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Science Requirement - class choice

  1. Apr 3, 2010 #1
    For the degree I'm working towards (B.S. Math, minor Physics) I have to take 2 semesters of 2 different sciences. Obviously, physics will cover one of the sciences...

    I'm currently taking a chemistry class. I'm not finding it very interesting. Should I just go ahead and do a second chemistry class to fulfill the requirement or should I take 2 semesters of astronomy? (Couldn't get into the class last time - filled up too fast - now I know!).

    I just can't decide...would thoroughly enjoy astronomy...but it would add more work/cost.

    Thanks for the help! :biggrin:
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    So you need a sequence of "different" sciences? Personally, I would just suck it up and take the second semester of chemistry unless you're not doing well in it. Ask yourself how much an extra class is worth to you.
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    I'm doing well in the chemistry class...just find it very dull. Astronomy would be interesting/fun. Yes, it would be a lot more work to switch...not to mention the cost! That's why I'm hesitant... :confused:
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    For what it's worth, the physics major at my school requires two semesters of chem. I think chem is a pretty traditional requirement, so it might be best just to stick with it.
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    Good to know! Sounds like it might be best to keep going with chem...

    Appreciate the input! :smile:
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    If looking solely at chemistry - which would be better:

    Chem 104 - Intro to biochem
    Chem 105 - General chem

    Either class is an option (I'm in Chem 103 right now...Essentials of General and Organic Chem - a really basic, beginner course).
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    Unless you're interested in life-science, I'd go with General chem. You might learn something about chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and thermodynamics (applied to chemistry) in that class, which might be useful to know as a physics major.

    Caveat: I'm not a physics major.
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    For a physics major, general chem. would probably be more interesting, as it covers more info that would usually be in a physical chem. class than biochemistry.

    Myself, I'd go for biochemistry, but I'm planning on majoring in biochem/medicinal chem., so my opinion may be a little biased. :biggrin:
  10. Apr 5, 2010 #9

    The astronomy classes I've had were both VERY basic and easy....but rather fun. They were sort of along the lines of watching "the Universe" on the History channel. lol

    If you enjoy lab work at all, I remember having a lot of fun in Organic Chemistry and also Microbiology labs. (mostly from doing 'non-lab' projects.....things like making thiol-alcohol and seeing if anyone could actually take a drink without their nose plugged....if anyone could drink enough to get drunk off of it, they would be elected Lord-supreme of stupid dares)
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