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Studying Scopes for studying Computing after M.Sc. in Physics

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    Hi, I am doing masters in Physics. For few days i am studying a book on microprocessor and it catch my interest. I'm now really curious about the whole world of computing.
    I'v decided to study farther on computing (may b quantum computing,robotics,etc) rather than general physics. Please suggest me where to start. What are the fields related to computing that i could study after M.sc. in physics ??.

    I know there are streams like computer science but i cant do that as i'm doing m.sc. in physics.
    Also there are computer courses but they are not that much useful for higher studies as by saying computing i'm trying to separate it from ' learning some languages or some hardware courses only.'

    plz help.
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    What about nanotechnology? What physics are you studying? Because condensed matter has many applications to nanotechnology.
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    I think HPC (High Performance Computing) can be relevant.
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    @physiker_192 : Thanks.

    @evankiefl :thanx for rplying, Im doing plane master degree with 'digital electronics' as special paper. I know nanotech is an option but its more focused on solid state or condensed matter as you say. I want somthing more integrated with computing (i.e, study to improve computation).

    Guys, See as im studying physics i'v not that much knowledge of computer science which is a vast field itself. But subjects like the one physiker_192 say (HPC) requires a good knowledge over comp.sc. So tell me where can i start from.
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