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Search with AND + operator in title of thread

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    I am looking (searching :) ) for a possibility to use the AND operator, for example find all of the following words in the title of a subject in this forum:
    integral density operator
    integral AND density AND operator
    +integral +density +operator. There is already a thread refering to google to search for these words in the whole thread.

    If there isn't this feature, I propose you add it.
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    Hi, currently only Gold members can use Boolean searches. I would advise you to use the google search via PF in the search drop down. thanks!
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    Click the "Search" link at the top of the page, and select Search PF with Google...

    Does that work for you?
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    Ok, so this is restricted to gold members.
    Yes, google is a workaround, but that does not search explicitly in the title.
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