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Seeking advice on Aerospace Engineering/CS

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    I want to enter the Aerospace industry specializing in simulation and/or software engineering.

    Some questions:

    1. What degree(s) should I get?
    -From all the job postings I've seen, a well rounded CS/Software Engineer will be fine.
    -Would an AE degree boost my marketability? Or is only AE not software intensive enough.

    2. Would an AE minor be of any use?
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    One thing I would consider for anyone wanting a software job in a particular field is that while knowledge of both is important, knowledge of that particular field is often more important than software knowledge.

    I have worked in for 8 years in the aerospace industry, mainly doing software design for avionics (as an EE). When I have worked with AEs, here is what they have done. If we were adding an external structure to an aircraft they examined/minimized how it would effect the aerodynamics of the aircraft and made sure that the structure would not break due to forces experienced during flight.

    For more general advise:
    If you want to work simulation of aerodynamics or control systems then AE is you best bet and you probably want at least an MS.

    For software engineering it depends on what you want to work:
    For controls, an AE or EE degree could work if you focus on controls.
    For more general software like flight management, human interfaces, and bus architecture software engineering is a decent bet.
    If you want to work software for avionics like radars, radios, electronic warfare, mission specific computer then EE is probably your best bet with software engineering being acceptable as well.
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