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Aerospace is a term used to collectively refer to the atmosphere and outer space. Aerospace activity is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Aerospace engineering consists of aeronautics and astronautics. Aerospace organizations research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and spacecraft.
The beginning of space and the ending of the air is considered as 100 km (62 mi) above the ground according to the physical explanation that the air pressure is too low for a lifting body to generate meaningful lift force without exceeding orbital velocity.

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  1. U

    Studying What universities for studying Aerospace Engineering in UK?

    I find that Oxford and Cambrige dont have aerospace engineering, only mechanical engineering/pathway aerospace. What do you think about that or is better to study "pure" aerospace? What university do you suggest? Also I checked that subjects are very different at each university.. I checked...
  2. et12

    Other Advice wanted for self-directed aerospace research as a sophomore

    Hi all, I'm a sophomore in aerospace engineering, and I haven’t been able to find any internships this summer. Instead, I'm looking to do some self-directed research, specifically in aerodynamics and propulsion, which I am both equally interested in. I have had experience with CAD software like...
  3. T

    Engineering Should I study Engineering Physics or Mechanical Engineering?

    I am unsure of what career to choose. I really like Physics and Math, and I have this desire to know more about things, which is what EP has to offer. I think that EP is mainly theoretical and does not teach many practice, but I believe that I can complement this by entering groups in my...
  4. Engineering77744

    Max L/D Ratio: Aircraft Drag Polar Explained

    Would like help as to the method rather than the answer please. Classes haven't been very clear therefore everything is self taught. Many thanks. ' The Drag polar for an aircraft is given by: CD = 0.025 + 0.08 C^2L What is the maximum Lift to Drag ratio '
  5. T

    Engineering Data Science applied to Aerospace Engineering without AE background

    Apparently, DS can be applied to the Aero industry, but how is a question that I still can't find an answer, and which proves to be incredibly elusive online. I don't mean the Business Intelligence positions, I want to get more involved with the engineering team. Can a Data Scientist be useful...
  6. C

    Most Fundamental or Important Class for Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

    Summary:: I am looking to take a engineering classes relevant to mechanical and or aerospace engineering. I am challenging my assumption that Statics & Dynamics is the most important and foundational/fundamental course to either mechanical or aerospace engineering (maybe fluid dynamics for...
  7. AJSayad

    Finding Your Path to the Aerospace Engineering Industry

    Summary:: What is the best way to get into the Aerospace Engineering Industry? Hi everyone, I'm new to the physics forums. My name is Andrew, I'm going to be in my undergrad Senior year in mechanical engineering this coming fall. I've recently been looking into PhD programs and I've been...
  8. VulcanRach

    Career advice in aerospace

    Summary:: Masters in aerospace in countries which allow jobs and career path in the same country I'm entering 4th year of my undergrad in mechanical engineering from India and my interest has always been in rockets and propulsion technology. I want to pursue masters in aerospace from US...
  9. F

    MHB Design loads in Aerospace

    Dear Ackbach, Please can you help me with this problem: 1. In an axial direction:\ (f_n \geq 27 [Hz] \) what is the minimum natural frequency? 2. Normal acceleration at launch: \ (g_x = 6.5g \) please can you help Regards Floria
  10. S

    If the lightest metal around were iron, would aerospace even be possible?

    I was reading about an old project I was involved in (X-33), and it got me thinking. It seems that without aluminum (or something as strong per unit mass), modern aerospace vehicles would not be possible. As everyone here knows, the most important design criteria is weight, and iron is much...
  11. Vissarion

    Aerospace Engineering Subfields -- Which ones should I focus on?

    Summary:: Aerospace Engineering Subfield I am Sttudying Aerospacce Engineering and I must Follow a specific Subfield of Aerospace Engineering The main Course Structure of each Field is: Structures and Materials 1. Mechanical Behavior of Materials 2. Lightweight Aerostructures 3. Advanced...
  12. rbh

    Schools Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering in Europe: Beyond the UK

    Hello, I'm currently in high school, I want to study aerospace engineering, what are best universities to do undergraduate studies in Europe outside of UK?
  13. greg_rack

    Exploring the Beauty of Math Through Aerospace Engineering

    Hi guys, I'm 18 and about to start an aerospace engineering course. I'd like to have a few cool physics and mathematics-oriented readings before starting the course... both as preparation and as an encouragement. One thing I must tell you is that I totally prefer studying physics over pure...
  14. J

    Does the title "Masters of Aerospace Engineering" exist?

    Do title master of aerospace engineering exist or you can only be master of aeronautical or astronautical engineering?
  15. E

    Question about variations of the Sun's path over long periods of time

    Hello. I am a filmmaker writing a screenplay and I am in need of technical support to validate a method being used in the film. I am going to post this in the Earth Science forum but I'll copy it here, in case anyone reading this might know. Thank you all! "I am wondering if shadows cast...
  16. Deepesh

    Mass and vibration frequency

    My query here is, Suppose there is a 2 kg mass To oscillate it/vibrate it, it will take some force and it will have some natural frequency Now I increase the mass to 5 kg so to vibrate it, won't it take more force and so at the end, won't the natural frequency of the object increase? as its more...
  17. S

    What can a person with a degree in astrophysics do in the aerospace sector?

    Hello everyone, I'm a graduated student in astrophysics in Italy. Unfortunately it has been very difficult to find a job that matches my educational background. I am very interested in space science and technology and I wanted to ask if there is anyone who can give me some information about what...
  18. sully21

    Courses What is it like to work as an Astrophysicist or an Aerospace Engineer?

    Hi all. I'm currently an aerospace engineering undergraduate student in my second year, but I'm going through a very confusing process of second guessings and would greatly appreciate advice from older people who work in the Aerospace or in the Physics/Astronomy fields to help me compare the...
  19. X

    Fusion aerospace propulsion systems for the near future

    Let’s ditch chemical fuel (even like scramjet, aero spike and SABRE) and venture to the future, for only thus we can become a multiplanetary species, and establish a true interplanetary/interstellar transit system. For atmospheric ascent: 1.Fusion reactor (thermal power)+Thermal ramjet...
  20. vchi

    Engineering Need to find L/D ratio for F117

    I was trying to look for an L/D ratio published everywhere on the web and I can't seem to find it for our project. Since I couldn't find it, I wanted to try calculating myself. Can't seem to find $$C_l$$ or $$C_d$$ though without some sort of paywall on research papers. So L/D would just be...
  21. Astroian

    Aerospace to MSC in astrophysics?

    Summary: Master in astrophysics from aerospace science I am studying Aerospace Science and Technology and I always want to study theoretical physics and astrophysics. So, can I do a MSC in astrophysics or theoretical physics or must I learn more things about the subject to be ready? Is...
  22. chasemcd

    Schools Ryerson vs UofT Aerospace Engineering

    I see this question has been asked here before but that was 9 years ago and I’d like to get more up to do opinions. I’m trying to make my final decision and any input would be appreciated. I’ve been accepted into both UofT’s Engineering Science program and Ryerson’s Aerospace Engineering...
  23. L

    Aerospace Engineering: Predicting Airfoil Drag in 2D Potential Flow

    Hi, My other post got deleted because it was flagged for spam, but it was just a link to a pdf. So I'm uploading the pdf instead. I am working on a model to predict drag on airfoils in 2D potential flow (e.g. vortex panel methods). Currently, XFOIL uses a semi-empirical wake-momentum-thickness...
  24. M

    Calculating the cl_max of a wing from airfoil characteristics

    Hi, is there an appropriate method to get the maximum lift coefficient (cl_max) of a wing from the polars of the section airfoils? The background is that I cut a arbitrary wing into a certain number of sections. After that I use Xfoil to compute the local cl_max. Since this approach neglects...
  25. I

    Aerospace undergrad @Purdue -- How do I get a job in Canada?

    HI, I am in my third year at Purdue University. Born Canadian but raised in the US. I wanted to get a job in Canada but don't know where to start...anyone have any suggestions? Do I just start sending a mass email to all companies and hope it ends up in front of the right person?
  26. S

    I Multistage continuous Rocket Eqn

    So if you have a rocket let's say that discards all the structural and engine mass continuously at zero velocity that is relative to the rocket until only the payload is traveling at the final velocity - then what will the equation of motion will look like? we can neglect the drag and...
  27. U

    Aerospace and Physics double major? or Aerospace masters?

    If my goal job title were to be aerospace engineer, what would employer like more: Double major in aerospace engineering and physics, or a masters in aerospace engineering. The reason it is one or the other is I would only like to do only 4 years of school and I can complete a masters in four...
  28. S

    Programs (Space) Industry - Different Paths Towards It

    Hello! I am a returning student, 19YO, and will be starting back in community college in a month retaking classes I failed the first go-around with college. This is hopefully less of a "tell me what to do" thread, and more of a "clarify my misconceptions." Basically, I am very interested in a...
  29. kuolemaloki

    Engineering Astrophysics going on to Aerospace Engineering

    Hi all! I am currently doing my undergrad in Astronomy and Astrophysics and minoring in Computational Mathematics. I am starting to think about grad school and facing a dilemma: I would like to eventually receive a PhD in Astrophysics, but in the future I would possibly like to apply my...
  30. U

    Engineering Should I major in Computer Science, Physics, or Aerospace Engineering?

    << Mentor Note -- two threads on same subject merged. Please do not cross-post across forums here >> I am passionate about Physics, Computer Science, and Aerospace Engineering. I am about to start my freshman year of college in the fall and have yet to decide which would be the most reliable...
  31. AlvisPrabhu

    Schools Top universities for aerospace?

    Hello, I am a US citizen currently residing abroad.i am studying under CBSE , in grade 12. After graduation I wish to study in US . I aspire to become an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist. What are some top universities that I can try for? What are the requirements?
  32. Prof Sabi

    Programs What Shall I study -- astrophysics or aerospace engineering?

    I love astrophysics and cosmology, reading books of great men like Einstein, Stephen Hawking, NDGT and many more but I also have craze for rockets, their propulsion and aeronautical engineering like satellites and vehicles (SPACEX, NASA...) I am confused what Shall I do?
  33. Sarah Jones

    Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering for Aerospace?

    Hello, I am currently a senior in high school, I will be attending college in the fall of 2018 to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering. I am a bit worried about a few things in this field. I am not sure if I need to get a degree in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, when I look on...
  34. Davidkippy

    Aerodynamics course order?

    I'm going to be an aerospace/mechanical engineering student at UAH next year and I am coming up with my four year plan. Two courses, "fundamentals of aerodynamics" and "compressible aerodynamics", are not prerequisites for each other, and they are both required. Based on your experience with...
  35. M Waseem Ashraf

    Calculating Aerodynamic properties of a wing on ANSYS (Fluent)

    Greetings I am currently working on a VTOL intelligent ambulance. I am stuck with calculating CoP and pitching moment calculations on ANSYS (Fluent).
  36. Dan Card

    Programs Go for a Master's or Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hey guys, right now I am attending University of Michigan pursuing Aerospace Engineering, my question is should I go straight to my master's or just get a bachelor's. My plan is that I could take some of my actual engineering courses next year, get an internship over the following summer then...
  37. C

    Aerospace engineering career advice

    Hello About me: I am a transfer junior Aerospace engineering major at U of Minnesota and will be getting a degree in physics from U of Wisconsin the same time I graduate from MN (don't ask how that works, it just does). I have had an REU nuclear physics internship (+ a year and half of nuclear...
  38. M

    Job Skills Second Bachelors Degree

    Good Morning, I'm going to be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology at the end of this fall semester. After spending the last 4-5 years working 'in the industry', I'm thinking that working bars on nights and weekends isn't really my speed. At 22, I'm still young...
  39. E

    B Warp jet?

    I was looking at videos on how a warp drive theoretically could work: by compressing space in front and expanding space in the back. This reminded me of a jet engine compressing air and blasting it out of a nozzle. My question is, could you build a sort of warp jet that would compress space...
  40. M

    Engineering Change of major as a junior: Physics or Aerospace Engineering?

    Hello, This is a little long but I promise it won't take that long to read and I want to tell my whole story. I have posted on here before in the past, but those posts are now conflicting and totally irrelevant. I've gone through a rough patch in my life where I couldn't decide what I want to...
  41. M

    Programs Should I do a double degree in Aerospace engineering and Astrophysics?

    Hi, I've applied to study the Bachelor of Science Advanced–Research(Honours) course at Monash University and I intended on majoring in Astrophysics, but after doing some research I'm feeling really uneasy about it since it doesn't seem like there are a lot of jobs available for people doing...
  42. D

    Coupling two mechanical pieces for a telescope mount

    Hello PF community! Quick introduction: I'm a fresh-out-university mechanical engineer working on a telescope altitude-azimuth mount hobby project. The mount will be designed using rotary platforms (powered by internal motors) to move the mount structure in the altitude and azimuth directions...
  43. X

    Engineering Aerospace Engineering job roles?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to study aerospace engineering at university but I'm concerned with how defence orientated the industry is - so I've heard. I read that even if I work in the civil sector, the tech I design for that can be used in defence tech, which I REALLY don't want. I know companies...
  44. A

    Programs Academic Advice from Aerospace Professionals

    I want a career in the Aerospace Industry. My original major was Physics, and after my first year of a three-year community college degree, I have learned much more about what different degree's lead to what jobs. I am a solid A student, English, Geography, Computer Science, and Mathematics are...
  45. O

    Question about the turbine of a turbopump

    I found this illustration of a turbopump. I need to know if my intuitive sense is correct here. So, the turbine is located at the bottom right. The gas coming from the gas generator is fed into the torus shaped pipe on the left of the two turbine blades. First there is the HP turbine, the...
  46. F

    Schools Hoping to study Aerospace Engineering (RMIT vs Monash)

    Any Ideas about which is better? Attending Monash (Clayton) Open Day tomorrow, and RMIT(CBD) Next week. [Not sure if attending 10 to 4 Tour(Mechanical, Aerospace and Mechatronics) or Half Hr Info Section(Aerospace)] In terms of: Manufacture rather than become an Astronaut Degree-related work...
  47. yecko

    Engineering Mechanical engineering or Aerospace engineer

    I am a year one student who is going to promote to year 2 in September, and I am required to choose between Mechanical engineering or Aerospace engineer within these few days (i just received the urgent message...) I believe I am better in memorization and language skill than mathematics...
  48. O

    Weird aerospace question to probably be corrected

    This probably is as impossible as i think, but can an airplane have slanted wings? By this I mean, can an airplane's wings operate like a see-saw with one with angling upward, and the other going equally downward while the main body of the plane doesn't move at all. This mechanism would sort of...
  49. R

    Engineering Masters in Physics enough for Aerospace Engineering?

    I currently have a MS in Physics and a MAT (masters in teaching - physics) and have worked the past two years as a high school physics teacher. However, I am feeling more inclined to move towards a career in engineering, particularly in the aerospace industry (rocket testing and design in...
  50. Angelo Niforatos

    Physics BS Heading to MS in Aerospace Tips

    Hi all, I am going to graduate school for Aerospace Engineering. I am a bit nervous because of the fact the my undergrad was in physics. I was wondering if anyone was in the same boat or a similar one that may have some good advice for me before I begin my next big chapter in my education!