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Seeking forum for fans of La Nouvelle Vague

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    I am very interested in the French New Wave films of the 1960's and would like to find a forum to help me learn more about them, but so far no luck. Any recommendations?
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    . . . or just a good forum about films? PhysicsForums is great for science, where do you go to learn about art?
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    French New Wave films of the 1960s? I saw quite a few in the 1960s.

    Now they are not in fashion. Which I consider to mean that they are nothing - because the only point of them seemed to be to show that the auteur was with the fashion, indeed that the auteur was the fashion.

    So when you ask for any recommendations about learning more, my recommendation would be - don't. :oldbiggrin:
    You won't have missed much.

    Rien que de la prétention.

    However à chacun son goût.
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