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Seeking general advice for geometry

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    I started my class on geometry a couple weeks ago, and I feel that i'm struggling. I took Algebra 1 and 2 over the summer, and I never had a problem. I passed both of those expedited classes never getting less than an A on any assignment, but I got a C on my first geometry test. I'm not sure how to study for this subject. With Algebra, I would practice problems until I was getting them all correctly. Geometry is unlike any previous math I've encountered.
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    You are an Algebra person and not a Geometry person. Obviously, if you were not an "Algebra" person, then you would have ONLY had trouble in those two Algebra courses which you were enrolled in the summer. Going through Geometry now that you have more time, will still be difficult because it just does not work the same way exactly as the two Algebra did. You now need to learn to prove things which rely on shapes, and some of these are less regular than you would like. Geometry needs a big adaptation to learn it.
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    We don't know what aspects of the course are causing you trouble. Is it the proofs and axioms? visualizing the material? If you spent only one summer on both algebra 1 and 2 it is entirely possible you had rather shallow courses in those and don't really have them down. CVertainly you had little time to practice them thoroughly. Math takes a lot of time and contemplation. What book are you using? I like Jacobs for beginners, and Euclid together with Hartshorne for a deep treatment.

    In general I suggest trying to visualize the geometric theorems, draw lots of pictures and iomagine things moving around. I am a geometry person, in fact a professional geometer, but I still find plane geometry tricky and hard to get down completely. There are always situations where I find it hard, or completely resistant, to solve a given problem.
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