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Sensor fusion using extended kalman filter

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    hi all,
    m trying to implement sensor fusion of two three axis accelerometers data.can any one help me in modelling this sensor and fusing for state estimation using EKF???
    thanks in advance.!!
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    What are the states? Measurements? And what have you done so far?
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    thanx 4 your kind reply..,iam just a beginner.Right now iam surveying the literature regarding kalman filter.im using ADXL345 accelerometers..,kindly help me in choosing plant model and measurement model...!

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    can u pls help??
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    D H

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    We can help, BUT

    You need to drop the text speech. Try to use proper English. We don't expect perfect English, but we do want you to try.

    You need to give us a little bit to work with. Show some work, answer problems when asked (e.g., post #2).

    Do not ask us to do all of your work for you.

    Do not ask us to write a book.
  7. Jan 24, 2011 #6

    Iam trying to implement a mobile robot navigation system based on extended kalman filter. I need to fuse the data from the encoders with the two accelerometer's data. The states are: Xk={x,y,theta} where x,y are the coordinates and theta is the heading angle.
    Can anyone help me in fusing the data from encoders and accelerometers to get good estimate of the robot pose??? And is gyroscope necessary in this??

    Thanks in advance..!
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