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Sexist and Controversial Remarks

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    "Sexist" and Controversial Remarks

    Im going to be told I'm wrong regardless, so who cares.
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    Who cares? Is this really what people worry about these days? Jesus Christ.
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    Whether or not you want to realize it sexual attraction is an integral part of the human race. The problem is that the time scales of attraction and evolution are beyond any experimental method beyond basic life forms. The fact that we can potentially observe such a change in a short period of time is fascinating. The fact that I can see it for myself on a daily basis is remarkable. If you cant, that's fine, but you're missing out on some interesting and frustrating things.
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    Your problem is your attitude rather than a girl's preference...sheesh.
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    Cognitive error: Fortune telling.

    Actually, the original post had the kind of attitude that I've noticed makes people here want to contradict you no matter the content.

    The question I was going to ask is how you knew these girls were dating these guys. It sounded like you hadn't ever seen this group before.
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    You're assuming a lot of things.

    How do you know the girls are actually dating them?
    Do you even know if they're friends, or if the guys just went up to the girls?
    Maybe these guys are the girls 'gay best friends'.
    Maybe these guys don't have much to offer in the masculine department, but they treat the girls like queens.
    Why don't you go up to a pretty girl and talk to her? The difference between you and those goofs are that the latter went up the girls instead of merely lusting from afar. If you were manly and had masculine features, you wouldn't be afraid to go up to those girls.

    Often, it's the goofy guys who end up with the cute chicks because they're too stupid to worry about being rejected.

    There's nothing inherently feminine about long hair. Cavemen didn't cut their hair. It's very recent in human history for men to cut their hair. Girls secretly gush over nice, long hair on guys. It serves the same purpose for men just as it does for women. If women see that you have nice, healthy and thick (non balding) hair, it shows them that you're healthy and virile. It's a very primitive instinct. Ever wonder why men spend millions of dollars to regrow and darken their hair?

    Also, a lot more bisexual girls? When did this happen? Funny how the vast majority of the 'bisexual' girls only date guys. Has nothing to do with the masculinity of men, and more about trends.
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    Not only that, but it shows attentiveness and the ability to care for something just because it's beautiful. A lot of people when they see really nice hair, they want to touch it, run their fingers through it.
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    Speak your mind or don't speak at all.

    What was the original post about? Mysoginism or judging by others' post a mixture of social paranoia?
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    -OP observing the intermingling of a group of beautiful girls with some men with long hair.
    -Girls having a preference of 'girly' men ie. men with long hair.
    -Increase in no. of bisexual girls.(I think)
    -OP being a 'manly' man not getting enough action- which from another thread I guess resolved itself.:wink:
    It was really not a misogynistic post just a bit too confrontational.
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    Since the OP chose to delete his first post, closed.
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