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Math Should I be a physicist or mathematician?

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    I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm taking pre-cal right now. I really enjoy theorizing about both math and physics, but what I don't like is endlessly repeating simple math that I already know how to do. I'd enjoy using some of that to help solve complex problems, but I do not enjoy doing simple repetitive math for it's own ends. Which of the two, physicist or mathematicians, does less repetetive problems and does more challenging problems?
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    my advice would be look for cheap (probably 2nd hand) textbooks above your course syllabus and try work though them.

    Something i wish I have done
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    Who cares? Just do something that you like and chances are you will change your career.
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    Don't choose your major based on "repetitive problems". You're still in HS, there are a lot of mathematics and physics you haven't encountered.
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    Both change dramatically as you progress through university. Don't judge them from any courses in high-school. However, I would say that (Pure) Mathematics changes a bit more radically than Physics (others may disagree). The only way you will know what you enjoy is to try them both and get to higher-level classes. Some grind-work is going to be required regardless of the route you take.

    As suggested above, looking ahead at textbooks is good, but some of it just takes time...
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