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Should I drop Engineering Statics?

  1. Feb 11, 2016 #1
    Hi all, I am currently taking calc 2, physics 1, engineering statics and two gen eds. I am struggling in my statics class mainly because I am having a very difficult time understanding vectors. My academic schedule has me actually taking it my third semester (i'm currently in my second semester), I decided I would try and take it early to try and get it out of the way, but I am finding out that it might have not been a good idea. Should I drop the class now and just try next semester, or should I try and grind it out this semester? I am concerned that if I am not getting the topics now, I will just be in the same position again next semester. I am really stressing out over what to-do. Any and all guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I would recommend taking your time and only doing a course when you are ready for it and have the proper background preparation. In this case, it seems first taking a course on (or including) linear algebra may be useful. So: Yes, drop it now, otherwise it will just cause frustration and you will not learn much.
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    Very good point, thank you very much!
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    You should ask yourself also what is going to change between now and the next semester that is going to smooth over your current difficulties.

    If you are having trouble understanding vectors now, which are used only in basic calculations in statics, what is going to happen when you take a course in dynamics or fluid mechanics or multi-variable calculus, all subjects where more complex calculations involving vectors are used?

    BTW, when I was an engineering undergrad, we took statics, calculus, chemistry, and a few other courses in the first semester, bang, right out of the gate. If you don't master vectors early, it's going to be a major problem to catch up down the road.
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    Most schools require you take physics I before taking statics. That's because you learn vectors in physics I; statics assumes you already know the physics basics and should pick up from there. Frankly, they shouldn't even have let you register for it.
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