Should I go for particle physics? O.O

Halo! =D
I want to get into particle physics. It all started out great until I start my first semester of uni (about to finish first sem. xD). I realized that most students in the physics program is
a) super serious b) super smart and c) know tons beyond the first year level.

Now my problem is that physics is a recent interest. I never took interest in physics until i got into grade 12. I liked it in grade 11 but tended to focus more on Biology. However, now I find that I'd rather mathematize my theories and use logic than memorize a whole bunch of facts(not belittling biology here xD Biology rocks too!). Also, I have a deep interest in modern physics. I took both physics and biology for my first semester just to make sure, and I found out that I really want to do physics. I am not really good at physics though; I thought I was until I got into university. My grades have dropped dramatically T.T and knowledge is not as wide as that of other students in the program. I was wondering if its still a good idea to do the course. I don't mind working hard, its just that sometimes it takes me forever to understand a concept and I don't know who to ask. I ask my prof to explain the concept to me and then he keeps trying to explain it to me in different ways until he just goes "don't worry, its not going to be on the exam" or "don't worry, if you make a mistake with that, your answer will just have the opposite sign" and I feel embarrassed for being so stupid...
I am just curious as to whether its just me who's super slow with getting the concepts.
Can I still be a successful physicist even though I don't have the years of knowledge that other curious physics students(whose interest started out at an earlier age) do and even though I am super slow at understanding things?
Please give me an honest opinion.
Thanks a ton!
Ps: sorry for the loooooong story xD Really appreciate you guys for taking the time to read it.
When you've gone far enough into the field (the depth is relative from person to person), you'll realize that nobody really understands the concepts.
In my experience, the more you know, the faster you understand new things, because you can build upon your earlier knowledge and see connections and so on. So it's natural that you'll pick up new things slower than people who have been thinking about such ideas for longer. But as you go on, I predict things will improve.


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For what it's worth, you're certainly not the only person who tries to go into a career in physics with that level of preparation. I would definitely say go for it. Getting a degree in physics doesn't limit you to getting a job in physics.

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