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Testing Should I rewrite my math diploma exam?

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    If you are not from Alberta, for each senior year high school academic subject you write a diploma exam that is worth 50% of your mark in that course. I scored 97%. Many of my friends got in in the 90s on this exam, and a few obtained a perfect score. I plan on going into some sort ofmathematical science. Is this a competitive mark for acquiring admission into such faculties? Is it worth my time rewriting it and attempting to obtain a perfect score? I have been told that there is stiff competition admission into such undergrad programs (for the better schools atleast).
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    Not sure what this means but you scored 97% in a specific "course"?

    How will the admissions see what exact percentage you received in a specific class?
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    Lol if you got a 97% it would be stupid to waste your time writing it again, the average is what usually around 65 tops? I don't know what schools you are going to apply for but the U of A the highest admission average is 80%, it will probably be around 76% if your not going into an Honors problem. If you have a mark good enough to get into the program you want, don't worry about it, once you get into university its meaningless anyway. Go to the websites of the Univerisities you want to apply to and look at the admissions averages for yourself, I think you'l find its easy to get into undergrad and harder to get into the professional programs.
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    I only got 89% on the Math 30 diploma this semester (very disappointing; Math, my favourite subject, turned out to be my lowest grade of all of my diploma exams), but if a guy who scored 8% less than you can say something:

    The grades that go on your official transcripts have no indications as to what you scored on your diploma exams; the only number on there will be your blended mark consisting of your course grade and the 97% you got on your diploma, so even if you score a 100% in June, your math grade will only go up by 1.5%, which really isn't worth the trouble, especially when you consider that your course grade for Math 30 probably would've been 90%+ anyways (you don't mention this, but I'd say that this is a fair assumption considering your Diploma grade)

    On top of that, assuming that you're applying for addmissions to September/06, by the time the Education Board releases your grades for your rewritten test, it will be well into July, which would be long after all the universities have sent out their acceptance letters.

    However, I've only applied for Canadian Universities, and have no idea as to how all of this works for American Universities, or ones overseas, which is very likely to be your case.

    Anyways, Good Luck on getting into your top choice university/program!
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    You typically take the SAT to apply to American universities.
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