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Should I still go for a physics major

  1. Jun 3, 2015 #1
    So I'm in my first year of university doing a physics major and I wrote my test for introductory physics. When I wrote the test I didn't feel like it was hard or anything I thought I would do fairly well; the problem is when I got it back I barely passed 56% (this is the lowest mid-term mark I ever got in any course). If I can't even manage to get a decent grade in an introductory physics class what chance do I have later on when it get more difficult; so I'm thinking of changing my major but on the other hand most people in the class got a similar grade (my grade was actually slightly higher than the class average) so maybe I'm not hopeless. I can't decide what to do I need advice.

    Also: I don't know if this matters or not but the test had 2 parts long answer and multiple choice. There were 9 multiple choice questions worth 8 marks each (I got 5 wrong so 40 percent off there) and 2 long answer questions (divided into several parts) worth 28 marks (I got one part of question 2 wrong and lost 4 marks).
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    This kind of thing will happen to almost everybody, so don't let it discourage you. Don't think that a scientist is somebody who can read a text easily, immediately understand it and get high grades on tests. On the contrary, a scientist gets stuck a lot of times. But what defines a scientist is that (s)he can overcome this by putting in a lot of effort. The ones who are unwilling to overcome this, get weeded out.

    So instead of feeling depressed, try to fix yourself. Try to find out where you went wrong. Try to find out how you can do better next time.
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