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Should I take classical mechasmnics or elektromagnetism

  1. Jun 21, 2013 #1
    Every year in my country there are competitions in physics(and in physics other sciences).Competition in physics is divided in three categories A(classical mechanics), B(oscilations, waves and electromagnetism) and C(optics and nuclear physics). I started competing last year in clasical mechanics and I was 6th on regional and 11th in state(wich is fascinating result). Now, I have dilemma my teacher says that I should go on Classical mechanics next year but i think i should go on electromagnetism. If I go on classical mechanics I am sure i would win both regional and state competition, but if I go on electromagnetism there is chance that i lose(not passing to state comp.)But if I take classical mechanics I wont see the beauty of electricitiy and magnetism. Wich one should I take?
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    First you should take typing lessons! Just kidding.

    What is stopping you from studying E&M in the future? If you are sure can win a regional and state competition, then go ahead and do it - it is a big achievement!
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    You are probably right I will choose CM and btw there is good prize for 1st place and I can learn E&M by myslelf watching online lectures. Thank you very much
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