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Should I take complex analysis or abstract algebra?

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    Being a high school student who will be going into physics, should I take complex analysis or abstract algebra in the fall? I can't take both at once, and I am set to take intro to QM (I will already have taken Calc I-III, an introductory functional analysis course, and linear algebra. I also will probably have taught myself differential equations by then).
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    I'm also a physics student and I didn't take an abstract algebra course (though one course of linear algebra). I'd go for the complex analysis course. Complex numbers are commonly used in physics, in optics/E&M dealing with waves or working with impedances of circuital components. I also believe knowing analyticity concepts are important for the upper undergrad courses. Maybe someone who took both courses could give you a better answer.
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    I agree with fluidistic. Complex analysis is extremely helpful for many branches of physics.

    Perhaps abstract algebra would be helpful for more advanced physics courses, but complex analysis you'll use in most of your undergraduate classes.
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    Okay. Thanks.
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