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Should I take general topology or complex analysis?

  1. Aug 21, 2011 #1
    Background: I'm a computer science major, but who has done a lot of math (real analysis, linear/abstract algebra, combinatorics, probab&stats, numerical analysis, linear programming) and currently doing undergraduate research in computational algebra/geometry.

    I'm taking a graduate level algebraic geometry class this fall. I'm also continuing my research in computational algebra/geometry. I will be applying to computer science graduate school with a focus on algorithms.

    Now, say I have to pick between complex analysis and topology, what should I take? Which will be more helpful to me? Which is more fundamental to mathematics and computer science in general (i know they are both very fundamental, but which is MORE so)?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    You should mention whether the topology course is about "general topology" (also called "point set topology") or whether it's about algebraic topology.
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    Is there a reason why you can't take both complex and (point-set, I'm assuming) topology? They're both quite fundamental to math as you've stated and it'd be hard to not know both if you're trying to expand your reach to the basics of undergrad math. It's like saying linear algebra or real analysis.
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