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Should I take University Physics early and study ahead or as last two

  1. Aug 20, 2013 #1
    Couldn't fit everything in the subject line, my apologies.

    I am at a Junior College still undecided as to whether I want to major in physics, computer science, or mathematics (considering double major in physics/comp sci and a minor in math but thats not really releveant).

    Because of this dilemma, I have arranged my courses so that I will meet all of the qualifications for these three programs upon my transfer to UVa (which I will then decide my major(s)). Our JC only offers two physics courses (University Physics I and II) but I have 3-4 semesters of JC left.

    Should I take the physics sequence now and then study ahead during the 1-2 semesters before I transfer, or should I take the physics courses the last two semesters I transfer so that it is fresh in my brain when I am able to take more physics courses at UVa?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions. I appreciate your time.
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    Is it calculus based? If so, and assuming you will get credit for it, it may be better to do it early so you have time for it to sink in. Just my 2c.
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    Always better to learn something earlier than later IMO. In your year without physics classes you can choose to improve your understanding of the physics you studied, or like you said, study more advanced topics on your own.
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    They are calculus based and actually very rigorous courses. The way Virginia is set-up, our Community College system has transfer agreements with various institutions so the core science courses that are taught tend to represent courses taught at the state Universities.

    And, while I have not taken the courses, based on the descriptions at my JC and the descriptions at UVa (University of Virginia), these two courses *seem* to condense four courses into two (I suppose it's to weed-out community college applicants attempting to transfer into engineering programs).

    I will be taking maths all the way up to differential equations (including linear algebra and vector calc) at the junior college before transferring.

    This makes a lot of sense. I can use the time to reinforce/review concepts that I don't quite understand and/or study ahead in preparation of taking high-level courses at UVa.

    Thanks to both of you for confirming my initial thought (better to learn early than late). I appreciate your opinions and perspectives.
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