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Should only smart people get to use guns?

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    Thinking about a recent case that's in the news lately got me thinking about gun bans. I am personally a right to own gun person however I found myself pondering the idea that only smart people should be allowed to use guns. I was thinking if I was going to ban guns I would ban them in such a way that only people with very high intelligence scores could use them. So basically in order to get a gun you would have to take an IQ test and score in the top percentile. Well that's unlikely but then it got me to thinking do smart people pack heat? You gotta think if a person is smart enough they should be able to avoid situations where they need guns most of the time so carrying a gun around would prove to be more of a pain in the you know what for the most part.

    Is it really true that "smart" people don't arm them self's in public? Would requiring people to pass an IQ test to use guns cause a massive surge in the gun sales blackmarket? And would you accept it if you were in the IQ bracket that did not allow for gun ownership?
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    Do you think this would stop people like Anders Breivik?
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    Why are people with high iqs more trust worthy with guns?
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    An IQ test has NOTHING to do with mental stability. The unibomber was reportedly quite a bright guy.
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    Some might argue that this IQ bracket is, in fact, the high one.

    More generally, how about NOBODY is allowed to own guns? If the counter-argument is that this would disadvantage law-abiding folk because the criminals will ignore the ban, then the consequence of your suggestion is that only smart peoiple should be allowed the claimed-for defence of guns.

    Not really the sort of society I'd want to live in.
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