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B Showing rearrangement in maths paper

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    I am currently writing my first mathematics paper but I don't know how to formally represent and show the process of rearranging a certain equation; for example what symbols would I use etc..?
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    Without more specifics, your question is too vague to answer.
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    If your question here is related to a recent post about solving the equation Ax + By + C = 0 for one of the variables, the best thing to do is to forget symbols, and just say in words what you're doing at each step.
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    Say I have an equation of a+b= c and I intend to make b the subject then I'll just subtract a from both sides of the equation giving b= c- a; how would I show this rearrangement in a paper mathematically and formally?
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    a + b = c
    => b = c - a

    or you can use the <=> too in this case.
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    At school we used
    ##a+b=c\; \vert \, -a##
    ##b = c-a##
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