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Shrinkage allowance for patterns

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    While making a pattern for a casting do we increase or the bore diameter of the pattern, than actually required in the casting, taking into consideration the shrinkage allowance for metal?
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    It depends on the material you're using to make the casting. There's a reason why Ferrari parts are made with molds made from sand.
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    I'll put the question in a different way. If we have a hot metal ingot with a bore, after the ingot cools down, whether the bore diameter will increase or decrease?
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    Bore diameter will decrease.
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    So this is exactly what would happen during the cooling of a similar casting, after it has solidified?
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    Generally speaking, yes, but...
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    Ok.. anyway for most metals (the ones that contract on cooling) the bore diameter will decrease during the shrinkage of casting, right?
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    Again, yes. The amount of change will depend on many things. Getting the "as cast" dimensions to meet your required tolerances may require considerable trial & error.
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