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Sigma tab: LaTeX Reference broken

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    Hi guys, when I was trying to post something in the H/W forum and tried to use the Latex reference I could press the tab, but nothing happened.

    Is this a bug?

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    Re: Sigma tab

    I just tried it in H/w forum and it doesn't work for me, windows 8 preview, firefox 15.

    Edit: It doesn't work anywhere apparently, well I tried a couple of the math forums and the maths and physics homework sections.
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    Re: Sigma tab

    Little bug, I will squash later today.
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    Re: Sigma tab

    Thanks Greg!
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    Re: Sigma tab

    Not squashed yet!
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    Re: Sigma tab

    I'm out all night. Will be done tomorrow.
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    Re: Sigma tab

    LaTeX Reference works again!
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