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Broken Sword is a series of adventure games. The first game in the series, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, was released and developed in 1996 by British developer Revolution Software. Its sequel, Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror, was released a year later, and was followed by Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon in 2003, Broken Sword: The Angel of Death in 2006, and Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse in 2013. A remake of the first game in the series, known as Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director's Cut, was released in 2009, and a remake of the second game in the series, Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror – Remastered, in 2010 for iOS devices; other platforms followed in 2011.
The main protagonists of the series are George Stobbart, an American patent lawyer, and Nicole "Nico" Collard, a French freelance journalist, Nico does not appear as a playable character in the original game The Shadow of the Templars, she would become one in the Director's Cut.
The Broken Sword series was conceived in 1994 by Charles Cecil, Noirin Carmody and Sean Brennan, while talking about the mythology of the Knights Templar. The first three games in the series were developed by Revolution Software, while the fourth game was co-developed by Revolution and Sumo Digital. The Shadow of the Templars and The Smoking Mirror were critical and commercial successes, selling millions. However, The Sleeping Dragon and The Angel of Death received mixed reviews and were not as popular as the first two games. This was mainly due to the switch to 3D graphics and that the third game left the "point and click" interface to a more action oriented gameplay. The series appeared on several top adventure game lists. A comic book was produced for each remake of the first two Broken Sword games.

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  1. M

    Stick is broken randomly EDIT TWICE, what is expected length of small side?

    Cut the stick twice, at locations ##x## and ##y##. Assume ##y>x##. The lengths of the stick are ##x,y-x,1-y##. Assume ##x < y-x \implies y> 2x## and ##x<1-y \implies y < 1-x##. These two boundaries intersect at ##x = 1/3##. Thus the following integral should yield the expected value for ##x##...
  2. S

    I Could the Lorentz symmetry be theoretically broken in vacuum?

    In this paper [1] which considers the possibility that the Lorentz symmetry could be broken, at page 4-5 the author says: "We now introduce a Higgs sector into the Lagrangian density such that the gravitational vacuum symmetry, which we set equal to the Lagrangian symmetry at low temperatures...
  3. bob012345

    If Ma Bell had not been Broken Up Would We have Smartphones Today?

    If Ma Bell had not been broken up would we have smartphones today?
  4. BvU

    LaTeX MathJax LaTeX Commands Not Working? Find Solutions on Latest Documentation

    Last link points to https://docs.mathjax.org/en/latest/tex.html#supported-latex-commands which is no more I think it's https://docs.mathjax.org/en/latest/input/tex/macros/index.html nowHowever, there is far too much in there that doesn't work in the PF version, so maybe there is another link...
  5. J

    I Broken symmetry in ferromagnetism

    Hello, Today I found this paper and this one where P.W. Anderson says that there is no broken symmetry in ferromagnetism because the ground state is an eigenstate of the spin rotation operator. And so we don't have in this system Goldstone's mode for example. But I thought spin waves were...
  6. phyduck

    Chemical/Paint Removal of broken glass from solar panel

    I'm looking to find a way to remove tempered glass that has been shattered from solar panels to make them viable once again. I have no idea what kind of adhesive is used here, but I imagine it is some sort of epoxy. I've tried to peel it off with a pressure washer at the car wash to no avail...
  7. Hacker Jack

    Can all supposed difficult problems be broken down to simple ones?

    I am wondering if you take any problem you consider difficult or complex can it be broken down to be understood in simple parts and successfully understood as a whole. Is there some stuff you consider difficult and there is just no getting around it. Is it the nature of the brain to focus on...
  8. B

    Finding the angle between a wall and a broken rope

    I tried to work out the solution using h. I get a trapezium, but there is always a lack of additional information. I looked up the solution and BAM, there is this simple equation for sinα. I really don't understand how do we get such a solution. I leaned you can use trigonometric functions in a...
  9. T

    B Why are Biological Materials easily broken despite being very strong?

    I just wanted to ask something that's being bugging me for quite a while now, if you don't mind. In standard testing, Biological Materials often are found to have impressive strength characteristics, for example, both Type I Collagen, the supporting protein of muscle (And I think Skin as well)...
  10. Manasan3010

    Replace Broken links with archived sources

    I've seen some broken external links in physics forums Which have been changed to BROKEN as moderators. Is replacing the broken links with archived links(Ex. archive.org) a bad idea?
  11. M

    A Observables when the symmetry is not broken?

    Hi, Let be a scalar field φ that permeates all space. The quantum of the field has a mass m. The field is at the minimum of its potential. When this minimum is for φ≠0 (a broken symmetry), the quantum may be observed by exciting the field, as with the Higgs boson. But if the symmetry is not...
  12. Michael Santos

    How is e^ln (ln (x+h+3)) broken down

    Homework Statement e^ln (ln (x+h+3)) Homework Equations For example: e^x * e^h = e^x+h The Attempt at a Solution e^ln (ln (x)) * e^ln (ln (h)) * e^ln (ln*3)) does not equal e^ln (ln (x+h+3))
  13. Jesse44

    Danger of touching a broken fluorescent bulb?

    I was disposing of some old CFLs at IKEA this morning. They have a few bins there for safe disposals. I am already insanely paranoid of breaking CFLs in the first place, so I took great caution placing mine gently into the bins. I spent a few minutes making the pile secure so they wouldn't fall...
  14. J

    I Which Vectors Can Legitimately be Broken into Components?

    I ran across the explanation below of a car on a banked turn (no friction) on a High School teacher's website. I'm assuming this is incorrect, because how can the normal force in this situation equal mg/cos when an object on an inclined plane has a normal force equal to mg * cos? The high...
  15. Psinter

    Do Broken Bones Hurt? Exploring the Pain and Experience of Fractures

    Curiosity question. I've never had a broken bone in my life. Though people I've known that have gotten fractures, say it hurts. I'm not entirely sure if it is true or if they are just exaggerating. I don't think this question can be answered objectively. I believe any answers will be on the...
  16. Jay Macarus

    I Calculate the distance between two cleaved crystals

    Hey guys, can't seem to make sense of this question from phys. It goes.. "A crystalline solid consists of atoms stacked up in a repeating lattice structure. Consider a crystal as shown in Figure a. The atoms reside at the corners of cubes of side L = 0.200 nm. One piece of evidence for the...
  17. J

    A Path Integral of a Spontaneously Broken Theory

    A scalar field theory with potential $$V(\phi)=-\mu^2\phi^2+\lambda \phi^4$$ is spontaneously broken and as a consequence, for the ground state, $$\langle \phi(x) \rangle \neq 0$$. However, the path integral, which should give ground state expectation values, looks to be zero by oddness of the...
  18. R

    What is the expected value of the area of a triangle formed from a broken stick?

    Here's a math question I've been thinking about lately. We have a stick of length one which is broken in one spot (with that spot chosen randomly and uniformly). Of the two broken pieces we take the one on the right and break it into two pieces in the same manner as before. With our three...
  19. N

    220VAC from broken neutral feed

    My brother had something (squirrel?) break the neutral wire from the pole to the house a while back. He said all the lights dimmed, some of the appliances started to hum loud and it blew a couple breakers. After resetting the breakers and poking around a bit he eventually took a reading, found...
  20. W

    B If spacetime can be bent can it be broken?

    A planet or star can bend space time around it.The greater the mass the greater the gravitational well.Could a black hole actually be such an enormous mass as to pierce space time and create a worm hole to another dimension?Also could the effects of the other dimension explain the weird effects...
  21. J

    A How can gauge symmetry be broken?

    Hello, I was reading about the Higgs mechanism and I must say that I did not really follow the argument of how the gauge symmetry is broken. I think that my problem has to do with the more general question of how does a gauge symmetry get broken in general? Thanks!
  22. Lunct

    B Can the law of conservation of energy of be broken?

    A consequence of Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle is that particles energy level can fluctuate their amount of energy, e, for a short amount of time, t, as long as e x t < h/4pi (where he is = to Planck's constant). So does that not violate the law of conservation of energy?
  23. Dusty912

    Broken Spaceship Accelerating towards circular sheet of dust

    Homework Statement A broken spaceship is located 10 km above the center of a large circular thin sheet of unknown dust. The sheet has a radius of 106km and a density of 7×1011kg/m2. The spaceship and the dust attract each other due to the gravitational force. a) Find the initial acceleration of...
  24. C

    B Weak force symmetry broken above 250 GeV?

    I'm reviewing this book Warped Passages by Lisa Randall and a sentence caused me some incomprehension. Somewhere in it she stated: "The weak gauge boson masses tell us the precise value of the energy at which the weak force symmetry is spontaneously broken. That energy is 250 GeV, the weak...
  25. giokrutoi

    Fixing a Broken TV Part: What to Do?

    hey i have broken the part below and now i don't know what to do what if i swich it on will it make boom??
  26. defaultusername

    Tension and Angle Analysis for Traction in a Broken Leg

    Homework Statement An accident victim with a broken leg is being placed in traction. The patient wears a special boot with a pulley attached to the sole. The foot and boot together have a mass of m = 4.0 kg, and the doctor has decided to hang a 6.0 kg mass from the rope. The boot is held...
  27. Allen_Wolf

    B Just a Doubt -- can the Space Time Fabric be ripped or broken?

    Hey, can the Space Time Fabric be ripped or broken? The answer could help find the state of the universe on some aspects.
  28. KarminValso1724

    B Can entanglement be broken easily

    Like, how long can it last a maximum.
  29. J

    Broken devices due to increased voltage

    Hello, A few days ago I read a story in the newspaper. In a cityblock the voltage of the grid was accidently increased to 400V (instead of the standard 240V). Clearly quite a few appliances died because of this. My question is how far can I get explaining these breakdowns using Ohm's law and...
  30. E

    Why must the Higgs' gauge symmetry be broken?

    The part I understand: I understand that the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the Higgs produces the 'Mexican hat' potential, with two non-zero stable equilibria. I understand that as the Higgs is a complex field, there exists a phase component of the field. Under gauge transformations of...
  31. D

    Voltage Distribution in a Circuit with Broken Lamps

    Homework Statement I have a 12 volt battery and 3 lamps in series. -O---O---O- The last one is broken. What is the voltage on every lamp? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution My book is saying that the current through the lamps that are not broken is 0 because the circuit is not...
  32. Icy98

    Understanding the Voltage Across a Broken Lamp

    Homework Statement Why is the voltage across the broken lamp 12V? Homework Equations Can I assume the broken lamp is of infinite resistance? The Attempt at a Solution I understand the reading for the first voltmeter is 0V. But can anyone explain to me why the reading of the second voltmeter...
  33. S

    Solve Broken Leg & Pulleys: Find Weight W

    Homework Statement assume that the total downward force exerted at A & B by the leg is 38N. find the weight W, attached on the lower puller Homework Equations please see attached diagram The Attempt at a Solution [/B] i have written roman numerals to help determine which equation refers to...
  34. E

    Particle # conservation in a spontaneously broken theory

    So consider a theory of a complex scalar field ##\phi## with a global U(1) symmetry ##\phi \rightarrow e^{i\theta} \phi##. The theory admits a conserved current $$ J^\mu = \frac{\partial \mathcal{L}}{\partial (\partial_\mu \phi)} \delta\phi + \frac{\partial \mathcal{L}}{\partial (\partial_\mu...
  35. D

    Apparently broken circuits in a resin cast stator

    I've been building a 3 phase delta wired alternator. I recently cast the stator in fiberglass resin, and now i get no response from the terminals. Before casting, I used the multimeter's resistance setting to test the connections between each pair of the three terminals, and all registered a...
  36. F

    Why does anomaly mean symmetry is broken?

    Is the expection value of expession in left hand side of motion equation of field(example: Klein-Gordon,Dirac...equations) equal zero or not?(left hand side of the equation equals zero when we put condition of mimimizing the action).If not,why we can say when expectation value of divergence of...
  37. Prashasti

    Finding Focus Length in Broken Double Convex Lens

    Homework Statement A thin double convex lens of focal length f is broken down into two halves at the axis. The two haves are then combined, as shown in the figure. What will be the focal length for the arrangements...
  38. M

    Can spontaneously broken gauge theories be asym free?

    Hi folks -- it is my understanding that only non-Abelian gauge theories can be asymptotically free. But can anyone provide me with a canonical reference showing that such symmetries can be dynamically broken and still retain that status? I gather that this is the case (from reading the...
  39. strangerep

    LaTeX Troubleshooting: Latex Not Functioning Properly

    Latex seems to have stopped working. (?)
  40. X

    I'm trying to simulate moon orbit around earth, my moon is broken.

    Homework Statement Alright, this is probably going to be a long one. For a school project I am trying to simulate (in 2D) our moon's orbit around the earth, to eventually simulate a spaceship doing a hohmann transfer between LEO and LLO whilst being affected by both the Earth's gravity and...
  41. Q_Goest

    Finding broken wires underground

    This was pretty amazing. We have an ‘invisible fence’ for the dogs. I installed it myself years ago. It’s just a single strand of wire that wraps around our entire yard that must transmit some kind of signal to the dog’s collar so when they get close to it, the collar starts beeping. If the dog...
  42. N

    Determining volume of fluid dispersed from a broken pipe

    I have the pipe size, flow rate, and a duration. How can I figure out the amount of fluid that was released from the pipe?
  43. C

    Voltage over bulb with broken filament

    Homework Statement A main circuit contains six similar bulbs connected in series. One of the bulbs has a broken filament. Voltmeters X and Y of infinite resistance are placed in the circuit as shown. What are the voltmeter readings? A) X=0 Y=0 B) X=0 Y=240 C) X=40 Y=40 D) X=240 Y=0...
  44. T

    Broken Stick Model: Use & Expected Length

    Anybody ever heard of the broken stick model? If so, what is it used for besides species abundance in ecology? Basically, n-1 points are randomly distributed on a unit interval, creating n intervals of random lengths. The points are independent, uniform random variables on the unit interval...
  45. N

    How to determine if a semiconductor laser is broken

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the best way would be to determine if a semiconductor laser is broken using a multimeter? I have a semiconductgor laser that is still emitting but the signal appears lower than expected and it is hard to tell if it is broken internally...
  46. C

    Are the poles of a broken magnet always the same?

    Hi, Recently I came across an annular permanent magnet (round magnet with a hole in it) which had fallen and broken in half, effectively forming two horse-shoe magnets. I noticed that the two halves had similar poles: |---------- S S-------- | | |...
  47. A

    Should I continue dating a heartbroken girl?

    I was going out with this awesome girl. After telling her how I liked hanging out with her, she was receptive and that day ended with good notes. A few days after while we were chatting, she told me she is still heart broken and is not ready for a relationship. She mentioned we should be...
  48. S

    Why Did My Financial Calculator Stop Working?

    Hello all, So I write a finance final tomorrow morning and my financial calculator decided to quit working on me. The screen would flash as it turned off and on rapidly, almost as if there was a loose connection. So I popped 'er open and here is what I found: http://i.imgur.com/UdASBX1.jpg...
  49. C

    Is SU(2) a True Gauge Group in Light of E8 and Penrose's Views on Symmetry?

    Hello everyone- I've tried to keep up with E8, but lately the Google-ing isn't as productive as it used to be. I assume that there has been no Show Stopper and the push for E8 Unification continues. So: Concerning the E8 development: Roger Penrose states in _The Road to Reality_ p. 653...