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"silly" question - Neutrino observation

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    Probably a stupid question, but hey why not.
    Since Neutrino's do not interact with electromagnetic fields, but cosmic rays and other particles (that would overwhelm a neutrino signal if observed in an environment not at least partially shielded from their signals as at SNO etc) DO..

    Would it not be possible (with a few million $) to create an above ground neutrino observatory encased within an intense magnetic field that would deflect the background signals from the particles that interact with EM fields, thereby allowing neutrino detection experiments to rise above ground and become larger and more effective?

    The LHC has shown that we know how to generate and maintain huge magnetic fields using superconducting materials could this technique not be used to screen the neutrino signals from the overwhelming background signals above ground?

    As I said, forgive my ignorance, but I had a thought..
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    Vanadium 50

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    This won't work. In fact, for every particle you sweep out of the detector, there will be (on average) one more that you sweep in.
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    Look at the NOvA project. The detector is not underground.

    But this is because they are detecting neutrinos coming from Fermilab, and these neutrinos have their own time-signatures (among other things). So no, depending on the experiment and the source, one does not always need to have an underground detector.

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