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Simple autonomous lawn mower control system

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    hello friends..i really need some help on my project, i am going to design a control system for a lawn mower..this mower must be able to move by itself using PIC as the brain,can avoid obstacle,move along path created on the field..what details component must i buy aand how to assemble this components to form a hardware for the system..i'm a student of pure mechanical engineering and i just learn a little bit about this in class..please buddyz..:(
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    Time to form a team. You have just entered the realm of the "super project."
    A super project is, in part, characterized by requiring technologies that you currently don't have under your control (i.e. drive train, motor controls, avoidance sensors, control systems, servo mechanism algorithms, and a guidance system).

    Just like any product is one screw away from not being able to ship, any project is one technology away from not being realizable.
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