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Homework Help: Simple point charge location problem

  1. Jan 26, 2012 #1
    Point P in the figure is equidistant from two point charges +Q/-Q of equal magnitude. If a negative point charge is placed at P without moving the original charges, the net electrical force the charges +Q/-Q will exert on it is?

    figure: http://goo.gl/EAADC

    ATTEMPT: i think P will move directly upward because the -Q charge will repel it in the x axis and the +Q will attract it in the x so there is no x movement. However, since these forces are in linear, both of them do have an upward components as well. This is why i think the answer is "directly upward." Is this right?
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    Doc Al

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    Yes, you are correct. But think in terms of forces, not 'movement'.
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