Simple question about object submerged in a fluid (fluid Mechanics)

  1. If an object like a sphere is submerged in a fluid and held in place by a rope, does the pressure are the top and the bottom of the sphere have anything to do with the weight/density/geometery of the sphere? or is it simply a case of using the hydrostatic equation for the pressure at the top and the bottom of the object?

    In gerneral does pressure in a fluid relate to the properties of objects which may be submerged in it?
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  3. Not affected at all. You could equally have an arbitrarily shaped container. The hydrostatic pressure is still just a function of the vertical depth, even if you have to go round corners to get the measurement point.

    Of course putting an object into a container of fluid will increase the pressure by raising the height of the free surface, but it's still the same equation of p = density * g * depth.
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