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Simple question regarding annihilaion

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    if annihilation of particles(let's say proton-antiproton) releases x energy at 2 giga electron volts, then if we annihilate it at let's say 4 GeV, would we be getting double the energy?

    also, i have seen the wikipedia page of annihilation of proton and antiproton which mentions the energy levels at 2 GeV but does not mention released energy at rest "clearly"....please help
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    The calculation is simplified in the c.m. system; proton and anti-proton have energy-momentum (E, p) and (E, -p). The sum ist (2E, 0), so 2E is the c.o.m energy. Of course E and p are related via E² - p² = m² where m is the rst mass m=938 MeV.
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    Re: Simple question regarding annihilation

    If one could cause an annihilation with both particles at rest, the result is simply twice the rest mass energy (2*938 MeV ~2 GeV). However experimentally you send two streams of particles at some velocity toward each other, so the momentum at annihilation is not zero (rest momentum) and contributes to the total energy.
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    Thanks for the answers.....but please try to explain in layman terms.....I'm not a physicist by profession here....just doing my b.s in Computer science.....I don't get the c.m system......
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